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Train Ticket Booking Service

We first recommend that you book the train tickets India directly online. This shall save you our ticket booking charges. Indian train reservation can be done here Indian Railways Website


But our experience has been that there are times, when tourists from outside India are unable to book directly the train tickets, and either they end up paying a high charge to a local travel agent or arrive in India without the confirmed train ticket.


If you arrive in India without a confirmed train ticket, then either of the following two can happen:


As tickets are sold out much in advance, the chances of not getting a train ticket is very high.


You can fall into the trap of the touts circulating in plenty of the railway stations who have extremely high powers of seducing you into buying either an expensive ticket or an expensive tour often in an a different direction than you had planned.


You can try your luck at the New Delhi railway station by visiting its tourist bureau office on the first floor of the main railway station building.

What are our service charges?


Rs. 350 per person per journey plus the cost of the ticket. 


Most of the time this will be an E-ticket. Ticket shall be e-mailed to you.


However, there can be occasions when a paper ticket is made. Then, in the case of paper ticket where shall be additional delivery charge.


All this shall be informed to you beforehand.


The staff at this railway station tourist bureau is very helpful. But even they cannot help if the train is fully booked by the time you arrive in Delhi.


At the tourist bureau office you have to carry your passport. As far as we know, they accept most of the credit cards.


Why use our ticket booking service?


  • If you find booking tickets online through websites challenging.
  • If your credit card or debit card is not acceptable.
  • If you're unable to find the relevant station codes.
  • Sometimes to your eyes a certain section is fully booked, but there are alternate routes open for booking, the knowledge of which we have due to our experience.


To book the train ticket, following information shall be required:


  • Full name of passengers.
  • Gender of the passengers.
  • Age of passengers.
  • Your train preference, if you have any.




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