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Delhi Agra Tour Package

Vintage Taj Mahal

More than one person has said that if there is one thing that every human being must see, it is the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Even though there are infinite number of Taj Mahal images available, a visitor to Taj Mahal is always surprised by the grandeur of this marble memorial.

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North India Tour Packages from Chennai

Fatehpur Sikri

Even today's India , like its past, continues to be influenced and guided by what happens in North India. The landmass of India still continues to be under threat of outside forces, like its history.

The many centuries of living under threat of invasion, many centuries of its fertile land sustaining exceedingly high number of dispatriate groups of people living together, many centuries of vigourous training with the outside world as created an eclectic mix of people, culture, food, monuments and customs.

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Day trip Agra by Car

Travel Period: 3/4/11

Overall value: Great Value




Review by: Jason





Overall Experience:

Kasim is the best driver! Very skilled day & night and knows exactly where to go. Liked the breakfast




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