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Day trip Agra by Car

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Travel Period: 3/4/11

Overall value: Great Value



Review by: Jason





Overall Experience:

Kasim is the best driver! Very skilled day & night and knows exactly where to go. Liked the breakfast

and lunch stops. Liked the souvenir shops. Liked the sites visited. Liked the pesonalired service. I appreciated trusting in me to pay for the service without the deposit.



Driver / Car Feedback:

Driver & Car Rating 5/5

kasim is an incredible driver, I felt very safe. Car was very comfortable and clean



Guide Feedback:

Guide Rating 5/5

Lata is a kind knowledgeable guide. Very friendly.



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Suggestions for Improvements:

I was nervous about going alone but driver and guide made me feel very comfortable and safe. I had a wonderful experience! Thank you!





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Very Good Experience above Expectation.

Travel Period: 20/12/11

Overall value: Above Average


Review by: Srikanth





Overall Experience:

Likes: Comfortable Long Drive because of Weather.

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