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An experience of a life time

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An experience of a life time

Travel Period: 31/3/12

Overall value: Great Value


Review by: Raluca





Overall Experience:

Great experience as I was nervous about traveling on my own as a single female tourist. My likes inc

ludes feeling safe and my driver being safe nice and understanding as well as Mallikkaa always answering her phone when needed. I wuold definitely recommand this experience compering driver and travel agent to my fellow friends



Driver / Car Feedback:

Driver & Car Rating 5/5

Great driver very nice and respectful. The car was well maintained as the AC was heaven.



Guide Feedback:

Guide Rating 5/5

The guide in all cities except Jaipur were wonderful.



Recommend us:




About Hotels:

The hotel in jaipur was funtastic i will definitely go back there. But the hotels in Jaisalmer and Nawalgarh would've been better. The hotel in Jaisalmer did not have hot water but the staff was very nice. Great service by U.I. Team for accommodating and upgrading me in Nawalgarh too.



Suggestions for Improvements:

Double - check the facilities endorsed by the hotels and these promised to your client. Otherwise everything was great. Thanks to Malikaa and my wonderful driver.





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Feedback Tour/ ZEITLER/14NOV2012

Feedback Tour/ ZEITLER/14NOV2012

Travel Period: 14-11-12

Overall value: Great Value


Review by: Minnie


Review by: Andreas





Overall Experience:

Dear Malikka! We are back in Germany and I just want to take the opportunity to give you a short fee

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