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Excellent driver and Sightseeing with only one down

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Excellent driver and Sightseeing with only one down

Travel Period: 12/9/11

Overall value: Above Average



Review by: Jonathan





Overall Experience:

Dislikes our laptop was stolen during the trip it was Disappointing. Likes: The driver the taj mahal

the hotel in Jaipur, Jaipur city.



Driver & Car Rating /5

The car is OK. Ttle driver was perfect very helpful and kind. The driver drives carefully



Guide Feedback:

Fatehpur Sikri tour Guide.



Recommend us:




About Hotels:

Hotel Grand Imperial: 3 Hotel Ramada: 4.5



Suggestions for Improvements:

Service Was Good in General, no Special remarks





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Day Trip to Agra

Day Trip to Agra

Travel Period: 22-08-12

Overall value: Satisfactory


Review by: Trish





Overall Experience:

Clear communications, most times. Friendly thorough service. Recommended for lone female travellers.

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