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1n2d over night area tour-By car both ways

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Travel Period: 7/1/12

Overall value: Satisfactory


Review by: Rabecca





Overall Experience:

like Car driver were great guide was excellent. Dislikes hotel venue was changed from original promi

sed venue food @the hotel was below expectation



Driver / Car Feedback:

Driver & Car Rating 5/5

Clean car safe driver prompt and on time opened doors and helped us get out of the car.



Guide Feedback:

Guide Rating 6/5

Guide was very knowledgeable prompt and on time, knew exactly what to do, spoke well English and even called back after we parted ways to see how we were doing on our way back to the city.



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About Hotels:

We didn't get the hotel we were suppose to get {changed venue on us}. Ambiance was excellent,service was good,food @ dinner was disappointing and was below expectation.



Suggestions for Improvements:

We would use this service again





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Taj &Fort Agra 1 day

Travel Period: 16/1/12

Overall value: Above Average


Review by: S Amery





Overall Experience:

As good.Long Journay but Driver very safe

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