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7N 8D Delhi Agra Jaipur + Ranthambhore (Tigers) And Nawalgarh Trip (By Car)

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While Taj Mahal is a favoured destination, watching Tiger in the wild is exciting as well. Both are brought together in this package and further spiced up by including Nawalgarh. 5 Cities you visit. 7 Nights in Hotel.Tour starts from Delhi and ends in Delhi.

0Nt Delhi | 1Nt Agra | 2Nt Ranthambhore | 2Nt Jaipur | 1Nt Nawalgarh | 1Nt Delhi |

Tigers at Ranthambhore

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Rs. 33,900**for 2 persons, budget,small AC car. More deals below.

7N 8D Delhi Agra Jaipur + Ranthambhore (Tigers) And Nawalgarh Trip - By Car

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Itinerary: Delhi-Agra-Ranthambhore-Jaipur-Nawalgarh-Delhi-Delhi (7n8dagrantjpnawalcar Email us to customise this tour)


Package Overview

In this seven nights and eight days package the focus is to visit cities around Delhi which are within 300 km driving distance.

Briefly, you visit the stunning grand monuments for which this region is famous for as well as try your luck spotting the Tiger in wild. The additional city of Nawalgarh offers you a respite from the bustling cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur as well as delight its way of life and the

colourful wall paintings.


Tiger is an endangered species and the Indian government is trying its best to protect it. However, the critics are not convinced. Project Tiger


The exception is Ranthambhore National Park, which is about 450 to 500 km. But then you do not drive to Ranthambhore from Delhi.


You get picked up around 6 AM from your hotel in Delhi. Rights trip to Agra, reaching it in about 4 to 5 hours, depending upon the location in Delhi from where you have been picked up.


As it is an early morning drive you shall encounter less traffic, but still it will be considered quite busy by many.


It is a dual carriageway road and you drive through an extended suburb of Delhi watching farm houses, residences, educational institutions, industries and modern office buildings.


On the way, you will stop to relax and have your breakfast. While there are many roadside eateries which a driver can recommend, there is McDonald's as well.


Your first stop in Agra is the celebrated Taj Mahal. Our Agra guide shall meet you there. Much has been written about Taj Mahal and indeed it's a rare person who is disappointed by it.


Nevertheless, in brief Taj Mahal was built by a mourning Emperor, grieving for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. While Mumtaz is buried in Agra, it was at Burhanpur that she had died while in labour.


After her death, she was buried there itself on the banks of river Tapi. Prince Shuja escorted her body to Agra's months later.


Shah Jahan himself never called the monument as Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal is a corruption of Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan had called it Rauza-i-muavvara or the Illumined tomb.


You have a choice not to visit the Taj Mahal, because as you stay the night in Agra, you have a choice to visit the Taj Mahal next day morning at sunrise in case you only want to visit Taj Mahal once.



Agra has other distinguished buildings, the most important after Taj Mahal is the Agra Fort. Agra Fort is a world heritage site.


It was from Agra Fort that Shah Jahan used to gaze at Taj Mahal from a window because he had been imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb.


The next day, you drive to Ranthambhore National Park. It is here that the chances of spotting a tiger in the wild is the highest.


Spotting Tiger is a game of dice-you may get to see it or maybe not. You get to stay two nights in Ranthambhore, which means the possibility of three safaris in the jungle. The price of Safari is not included in the tour price. The morning and the afternoon Safari on the second day, plus the morning Safari on the third day are the three safaris you can experience.


But even if you do not get to spot the Tiger, there are many other exotic animals in the forest which offer a good compensation. For instance, the wild elephants.


Apart from the jungle, there is a minor port of some consequence in Ranthambhore which you can visit. Also there is a crafts Village on the road leading to the main gate of the National Park where local produce of handicrafts can be bought.


Ranthambhore can be very cold during the winters.


From Ranthambhore you come to Jaipur, a short drive. Jaipur, also called as the pink city, is the capital of Rajasthan.


As you stay two nights in Jaipur, the day you reach Jaipur, you are free to explore it on your own or you can use the car and driver. Our Jaipur guide shall meet you on the second day to show you the important sights of Jaipur.


Notable sightseeing sites are the Amber Fort, the Hawa Mahal, the city Palace, the Jantar Mantar and the bustling colourful markets of Jaipur.

After Jaipur, you drive to Nawalgarh. Nawalgarh is located in the Mandawa region of Rajasthan.


Nawalgarh is famous for being sleepy and offers the international tourists an experience of the rural life of Rajasthan. Nawalgarh has been made famous due to its Havelis built by rich merchants.


These Havelis distinguishing feature is the colourful frescoes on their walls. The lack of care and the harsh weather had played havoc with his paintings, but last few years restoration work has brought them back alive. It is possible that you may chance upon the restoration work being carried out.


From Nawalgarh, you drive through Delhi. While it is a distance of around 260 km, it can seem longer as there are some bad patches on the road.

7N 8D Delhi Agra Jaipur + Ranthambhore (Tigers) And Nawalgarh Trip (By Car)}

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Delhi - Agra - jaipur - Delhi (5 days)

Travel Period: 3/2/12

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5 - Very organised - Tour guide organised itinerary very friendly. Good knowledge.

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