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Indian Cooking Classes

Indian Cooking Classes in Delhi

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Learn Authentic Indian Cooking In An Indian Home - Have You Wondered Why Cooking From Recipes Book Does Not Taste The Same? Chefs Do Not Pass On Their Secrets. But, Here, In These Cookery Classes, You Get To Learn The Inner Secrets Of Easy India Food.


Rs. 2250 for 1 person. Extra person Rs. 1250. For 2 or 3 Dishes. Indian Cooking Tours.

Delhi cooking class includes: A trip to local market in Air-conditioned car, Ingredients. If no trip then two more dishes taught. We can have you picked up in an a/c car. Costs Rs. 850 extra.

Duration: 2 to 3 hours. In English.

In these Indian Cooking Classes you learn about Indian recipes, India Foods and how to prepare them, its cooking, its serving, its history and anecdotal stories. How about healthy Indian Vegetarian Recipes.

In your Cooking Vacations India you can get and learn to prepare India stuffed vegetables recipe,

Indian appetizer recipes, Indian Chicken Recipes, Indian Bread Recipes, Indian Dessert Recipes, Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe, Indian Chicken Curry Recipes, Easy Indian Vegetarian Recipes.

Two things distinguish the Eastern food from the Western food.

We, the Easterners do not eat three or four courses according to a strict pattern: soup, main course, pudding etc.

Instead, we eat a variety of dishes, usually at the same time. Plus, we share everything.

In the West, individual portions are ordered for. Occasionally one may try a bit of food from the other's plate, but primarily one sticks to the food on his plate.

Here, in the East, meals are communal affair. If there is dal (lentils), we'll all share it.? At restaurants, often we will tear the roti (baked bread) or naan (baked bread) into either halves or quarters so that everyone gets a piece of hot bread at the same time.

When Indian food started getting popular in the West, the tendency was to serve it in Western style courses. So a dal soup was offered first, which hardly and Indian will be seen consuming.

Point of Oriental food is that everybody eats everything. In Indian food, the thali (plate) system is very popular, which is a plate on which there are many small bowls, each with a different dish.

Your learn Easy Indian Recipes, Indian Bread Naan Bread Recipes from Lubna.Lubna has been featured on a Channel 4 programme - "Takeaway my Takeaway" - aired between May 8th to May 18th, 2007. Food can be prepared to your choice. You have the opportunity to learn Easy Vegetarian Meals.



Learn to cook delicious Indian Breakfast Recipes. Lubna is an acknowledged excellent cook. She will teach you to cook, initiate you into the cooking's undocumented secrets of many generations handed over to her through mother, mother in law, grand mother. All ingredients arranged by Lubna.

Direct lessons such as these will teach you much more, importantly they will remain with you as your confidence to use them will be there. Let? her know your preference. She will teach you that plus more.

Choice between: Indian Recipes for Tandoori Chicken, Biryani, Korma, Palak Paneer, Chappati, Dal, Cauliflower and Potatoes, variety of chicken and mutton dishes, Kebabs ... you name it. The whole range of Indian Cooking Recipes. Learn Mango Chutney Indian Recipes at this cooking class New Delhi. Cooking class Delhi is held at an Indian home. Halal cooking class Delhi at Indian cookery classes in Delhi. Indian cooking lessons in Delhi India


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