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Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages

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Himachal Pradesh is a fascinating land. With its soaring snowcapped mountains, it's gurgling rivers, its lush green countryside and the simplicity of its inhabitants makes Himachal Pradesh's own in India, unlike any other. We have many Himachal tour packages to suit all budgets and moods/themes.

Typical Himachal Pradesh landscape

Almost every peak in Himachal Pradesh is considered to be the abode of some god. The major towns in Himachal Pradesh are Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Dharamsala and Mcleod Gunj.


The small towns of Himachal Pradesh are like heaven on earth. Today Himachal Pradesh is a popular destination for the newly married. The newly married couples are generally interested in their romantic relationship and are easy to spot. Most likely they are here on a Himachal honeymoon tour package. Strike a conversation with them and you shall get a first-hand report of their marriage.


Himachal Pradesh attracts the adventure sports lovers. Be it trekking or mountain climbing or River rafting or skiing - Himachal Pradesh has everything to offer.


But beyond these obvious activities like adventure sports and beautiful vistas that entice, Himachal Pradesh is also the destination for those who are interested in Buddhism. There are some famous monasteries here like the Spiti valley. Spiti valley was recently opened to the tourists.

Our Himachal package tours are designed to cater to the diverse interests that bring people to Himachal Pradesh.


All our Himachal Pradesh tourism packages promise fun, exploration, adventure and sightseeing.


Himachal summer tour packages. Summers are the easiest period when Himachal Pradesh can be visited.


Himachal honeymoon packages. Romance and privacy are the needs of the newly married.


Himachal adventure packages. The topography of Himachal Pradesh offers ample opportunities to the adventure sports lover.


Himachal pilgrimage packages. Countless temples (one guess is 2000 ) are sprinkled all over Himachal Pradesh.


Himachal weekend packages. A quick dash to the salubrious mountain climes.


Himachal Winter packages. Winters are special in Himachal Pradesh. A thick snow cover adds to the charm of this stunning land.


Himachal luxury packages.


Himachal Deluxe packages.


Himachal standard/budget packages


Day Trip to Agra

Day Trip to Agra

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