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2N 3D Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour Package -1N Delhi-1N Jaipur (By Car)

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Delhi Agra Jaipur package. Arrive in Delhi, stay first night in Delhi then next morning start you're sightseeing. 3 Cities you visit. 2 Nights in Hotel.Tour starts from Delhi and ends in Delhi.

1Nt Delhi | 0Nt Agra | 1Nt Jaipur |

Delhi's Red Fort

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Rs. 16,600**for 2 persons, budget,small AC car. More deals below.

2N 3D Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour Package - By Car

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Package Overview

Important Note:

Taj Mahal is closed on Friday.


Delhi Agra Jaipur package that explores these three important destinations of India. The tour is conducted in your own private car and driver on well-connected and well maintained highways.


The highlights are:

  • First night in Delhi after a day of Delhi sightseeing.
  • Next day, drive to Agra and after a day of Agra sightseeing and Fatehpur Sikri sightseeing, drive 
  • to Jaipur, night stay in Jaipur.
  • A day of Jaipur sightseeing, drive to Delhi, reaching Delhi late night.

A little about these cities:


Delhi, in the past and now as well, has enjoyed a status that no other city in India can ever claim. For centuries Delhi has been the capital of many rulers except for a brief period when Agra and Kolkatta were also chosen to be the Capitals.


Each ruler has left his or her indelible mark on this city. It is the city that has been favoured by the Sufi mystics as well.


Delhi currently has three world heritage sites. Red Fort, Humayun's tomb and Qutub Minar. Perhaps no other city in the world has so many monuments and ruins. No, not even Cairo or Rome.


In your Delhi sightseeing, you shall visit old Delhi, where Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Chandini Chowk, spice market and many other theme oriented bazaars that are situated in old Delhi e.g. the wedding bazaar. Visit to old Delhi can consume up to 4 hours. After old Delhi, you shall visit Connaught place - the circular commercial district built by the British.


Humayun's tomb, the red stone mausoleum of Emperor Humayun, plus many other family members. Said to be the precursor of Taj Mahal, this
magnificent monument has delightful gardens and its environs are very relaxing, especially after old Delhi.


Qutub Minar, a very tall brick minaret was built in the 12th century by Qutubuddin Aibak, a slave became the Sultan of Delhi.


Agra's esteemed position in the past was solely due to the benevolence of the mighty Mughal dynasty. And this shows in the grand monuments that exist in Agra.


The most famous Taj Mahal was built in pristine white marble engraved with 28 varieties of precious and semiprecious stones by Emperor Shah Jahan as a never to be replicated memorial to his favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Men and material were sourced from all over the world. 20 years in making and 20,000 workers employed are the basic facts.


Agra Fort, which is not very far from Taj Mahal is another wonder acknowledged as a world heritage site. Akbar, the Emperor, under whom the Mughal dynasty gained the momentum to become a mighty empire, built Agra Fort as his first "dazzle the masses" building also designed to be strong defensive Fort.


Shah Jahan could achieve what he achieved by building the Taj Mahal, because his grandfather Akbar gave him the platform.


Ironically, Shah Jahan spent the last years of his life in captivity at Agra Fort. It is said that Shah Jahan used to spend most of his time fondly gazing at Taj Mahal. It was his son Aurangzeb who had imprisoned him in the Agra Fort. When Shah Jahan died, he was buried without much fanfare at Taj Mahal alongside his wife.


Fatehpur Sikri is another magnificent, stunning city built by Akbar. Located en route Agra and Jaipur, it was built in honour of the Sufi mystic Salim Chishty when his prediction that Akbar shall be a father to son, an heir to his throne came true. This city reflected the secular vision
of Akbar. His three most important wives - a Hindu, a Christian and a Muslim, all of them had individual palaces within the city, a sign of respect and authority. It was named Fatehpur or the victory city by Akbar on his return from successful conquest of Gujarat. Fatehpur Sikri is a ghost town now, and since the times of Akbar himself, except for the portion where the shrine or dargah of Salim Chishty is located. It is said that lack of water led to its abandonment.


Jaipur is a city which has always been a beacon for travellers from all over the world. When Amber Fort and city of Amer ran out of space, Jaipur was conceived. Built on a nine square blocks grid pattern, Jaipur imbibes the best principles of Vaastu Shashtra, the Indian equivalent to the Chinese feng shui. Even today, Jaipur is a case study for the modern town planners.



Video of an elephant giving blessing



While there are many sights in Jaipur, our focus in this tour shall be on its two most famous monuments. One is Amber Fort and the other is city Palace. Apart from these two, you shall visit Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Jantar Mantar and the bustling markets of Jaipur.


Don't be surprised you wander in the market and come across an elephant. This is quite common place in Rajasthan and many other places in India but still the first encounter is memorable. Elephants are a very important part of Indian culture and religious practices. In Indian astrology, the shadowy planet Rahu is represented by an elephant. Many Indians seek a pat on their head by an elephant's trunk in order to ward off the evil nature of Rahu. More about elephant's role in Indian customs.

17951 2N 3D Delhi Agra Jaipur Tour Package -1N Delhi-1N Jaipur (By Car)}

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