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1N 2D India Golden Triangle Tour - Taj Mahal At Sunrise (By Car)

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Golden triangle tour Agra package - short and sweet 2 Cities you visit. 1 Night in Hotel.Tour starts from Delhi and ends in Delhi.

0Nt Delhi | 0Nt Jaipur | 1Nt Agra |

Taj Mahal

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Rs. 13,200**for 2 persons, budget,small AC car. More deals below.

1N 2D India Golden Triangle Tour - Taj Mahal At Sunrise - By Car

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Itinerary: Delhi-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi (QU-1-2sunrise Email us to customise this tour)


Package Overview

Important Note:

Taj Mahal is closed on Friday.


Golden triangle tour Agra package that has the following:




  • Early morning drive to Jaipur from Delhi.
  • Jaipur sightseeing that includes Amber Fort and city Palace.
  • Drive to Agra from Jaipur in the evening.
  • Night stay in Agra.
  • Next day, Sunrise view of Taj Mahal.
  • Rest of Agra sightseeing.
  • Drive to Delhi from Agra in late evening.


For those who are short on time, yet desire to see Jaipur and Agra, especially Taj Mahal at sunrise, this is the tour for them.


Your tour starts with Jaipur visit. Remarkable about Jaipur is that it was the first is city built in India with the concept of town planning. Even today, town planners visit Jaipur to understand city design from a bygone era.


Though Jaipur city is established on plains, it is surrounded by hills on which perched are three forts that watch over Jaipur. Amber Fort, Jaigarh and Nahargarh. When the city of Amer couldn't accommodate anymore, Jaipur was built. While the rulers of Jaipur were mighty, formidable and imaginative, they chose to be friends of the Moghuls by marrying one of their daughters to Akbar, the mighty Mogul Emperor.


Even today, Jaipur is handsome, it's bazaars famed throughout Asia for the bargains to be had, the strong coloured attires of its women and the gorgeous food to be enjoyed. Elephant ride, Amber Fort and city Palace visits will be the highlights of your sightseeing in Jaipur.


The existence of Taj Mahal in Agra has ensured that Agra requires no introduction.


Agra was won over by Babur, but it was Akbar, who made Agra, the Imperial capital and the favourite of Mogul dynasty. Akbar considered Agra to be well positioned for him to govern the huge landmass that belonged to him. Hence, he built the Agra Fort. This Fort established a kind of general plan for the future forts that were to come. Forts at Allahabad and Lahore were built by Akbar himself. Even Shah Jahan, a fine architectural mind, built Delhi’s Red Fort in a similar format.


Akbar's grandson, Shah Jahan built the marvellous Taj Mahal in the memory of his favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal. Koranic verses are etched in fine calligraphy on the white marble of Taj Mahal. Islamic art is restricted to calligraphy, mostly Koranic. 



A video on how Taj Mahal was built, with animation



Taj Mahal was the biggest construction work in the world of that era. More than thousand elephants, material from all over Asia and India were used. Rajasthan gave the white translucent marble, Punjab gave jasper, China was the source of jade and crystal, Tibet's contribution was turquoise, Afghanistan offered its lapis lazuli, Sri Lanka was there with its sapphire and Arabia made it up with carnelian. The pure white marble was adorned by precious and semiprecious stones, totalling to 28 varieties.


A colossal scaffolding of brick was built to construct the Taj Mahal. The supervisor’s estimate was that it will take years before scaffolding could be dismantled. Folklore is that Shah Jahan offered to his populace that bricks are for keeps, when dismantled from the scaffold. The peasants dismantled it overnight. Quite a street smart, Shah Jahan was, isn't it? The accompanying video has a section of computer animation depicting the design and construction of the foundation of Taj Mahal.




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Agra Taj Mahal Trip

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