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The Golden Triangle

Golden triangle tour - what is it?


The trip of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is a mandatory trip, especially if it is your first visit to India. The Golden triangle tour, as it is popularly called, is a popular circuit for tourists in India. The incredible Golden triangle tour itinerary takes you to the three famous cities of India - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These cities have the glory, the

history, the class and the grandeur. You can do this trip by car or by train or by flights or in combination using all three. The total circuit is about 900 km, each leg almost similar to the other legs. As these three cities offer much by the way of historical

Taj Mahal as seen from Agra Fort

grandeur, splendour and wealth of cultural experience, the Delhi Agra Jaipur tour has been romanticised to be considered as "Golden". There are six world Heritage sites in this circuit.

Is it a good idea to start with this trip for the first timers to India?

Yes, it is a good idea to fly in Delhi as a first halt. Ignore what the Internet travel forums say about Delhi. Delhi is an easy entry point to the Indian subcontinent. Delhi can be inspiring, its population is young, and there is much

delightful happening beyond the chaotic traffic, dirt and teeming crowds. Even though there is a naked display of miserable poverty, at the very same time on display is the innumerable small time businesses powered on by ingenious entrepreneurship. Delhi aspires to be a global mega polis, hence is fitting itself out with brand-new infrastructure.


Why Delhi?

Delhi, which is the current capital of India, makes one corner of the north Indian Golden triangle. Normally, your tour will start and end from here. Delhi finds mention in Mahabharata, the very famous great Indian epic. In Mahabharata Delhi is known as Indraprastha and was the capital of the Pandava princes. Today's Delhi is not only the

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political capital of India but also the food capital, the art capital, the music capital, the design capital and so on. Delhi has seen eight incarnations of itself. If you catch the pulse of Delhi, you catch the pulse of India. Such an eclectic place it is, a melting pot for all Indians. Delhi is intensely spiritual as well. Plus, religious as well. Delhi will amaze you, inspire you, awe you, fascinated you, impress you, delight you.


Delhi in the yore was known as the town of 22 Sufi saints as well. Devouts fervently throng these shrines today. As a tourist, in Delhi, you will visit Red Fort, old Delhi, India gate, Chandni chowk, Qutub Minar, Jama masjid, Jantar Mantar, Humayun's tomb, Lotus Temple, Lakshminarayanan Temple, Akshardham Temple, even more monuments, lots of museums and markets. Delhi is a wonderful mix of the new and the old. It has been imperious in nature as it has somehow managed to retain the Crown of being the capital of this vast country. From the narrow lanes of old Delhi, to the British construction of Connaught Place, to the modern multiplexes malls, to its shopping, to its eating options - Delhi offers a lot and is a touristic paradise. Weeks can be spent here in Delhi and yet many of its delightful charms would remain unvisited. Browse the local markets to first-hand experience the heart of Delhi, its street life.


Destinations covered




Delhi will uplift you with its dazzling monuments and also can put you in despair with in your face, abject poverty. However, you will not fail to notice happy smiles on the faces of the poor. Flamboyance, Imperialism and extravagance are showcased in Delhi through the Mogul and British buildings. Besides the Sufis, Delhi is home to all religions in the world. The Sikhs have at least six gurudwaras of religious and historical significance. The Jains equally have an important presence in Delhi.

Another question is-isn't all this very touristic?

Yes and no. All these three cities are major touristy destinations yet all these three cities have a life beyond the tourism as well. They are commercial, industrial and admin centres also. Besides the historical grandeur, the cities offer much by way of culture, spirituality, religion, shopping, people to people contact and medical  


facilities. Please remember that within these three cities, lots of young kids from the Western world are making their living.

Is Agra only about Taj Mahal?

Agra, like Delhi is situated on the banks of Yamuna. About four hours ride away from Delhi by car, Agra is the city of Taj Mahal. Apart from Taj Mahal, Agra has stunningly beautiful Mogul architecture buildings. Agra Fort is a must visit. Agra saw its peak as the capital of the Mogul Empire for a substantial time. Near to Agra, en route to Jaipur is Fatehpur Sikri, nowadays popularly called as the ghost city. Fatehpur Sikri was built by the mighty emperor Akbar, grandfather of Shah Jahan who built Taj Mahal in the memory of his beloved departed wife. Depending on your mood and convenience, you can enjoy the cold touch me not serenity of this monument at various hours of the day, especially the sunrise and the sunset.


Someone has said,"Every Human being must once visit the Taj Mahal". Agra also has Sikandara, the monument where the mighty Akbar rests in peace. Monkeys abound here, who can get aggressive to snatch, if you carry food items, especially roasted chickpeas. 

The marble of Taj Mahal had inlays of precious and semiprecious stones, some of them now hollow pits. The departing British pierced out precious stones from the places and took them away as a loot.

Taj Mahal is closed on Friday. One vantage point to view Taj Mahal is across the river, from Mehtab Bagh. If you can, plan your trip to fit Taj Mahal visit in the evening of full moon. Tickets for this evening mesmerisation need to be brought 24 hours in advance. Tickets are non-refundable and photocopy of your passport would be required

Our tours are carefully designed for you to enjoy this marble symphony of love, one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal. Choice of either overnight or day trips to Agra is available. Start or just keep on continuing or rekindle or even take your Love to a new high from here, the Taj Mahal.

  • Tours are extendable to include Mathura, Vrindavan, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Fatehpur Sikri, Gokul, Sarnath, Varanasi and any other city.

Should I be visiting Jaipur?

Jaipur, the pink city, is the current capital of the desert state of India, Rajasthan. It's a beautiful city, founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. It enjoys the distinction of being the first planned city in India, with broad avenues, markets with covered verandas, beautiful gardens, parks and stunning monuments oozing masculinity.

Key takeaways of our offer:

  • Plentiful Choice Of Duration (As Short As One Night)
  • All Hotel Stays With Breakfast.
  • With AC Car & Driver.
  • English Speaking Driver for Delhi Agra and Jaipur Tour.
  • While often these Tours commence from Delhi, we are flexible. Can start from either Agra or Jaipur as well
  • You can just hire the car and driver from us and book hotels yourself.
  • Elephant / Camel Rides Possible.
  • Taj Mahal is closed on Friday. Plan accordingly.

Many of the old palaces and Havelis have been converted to heritage hotels. You can check in these hotels, to get a feel of the traditional Rajasthani culture as well as gentleness of a bygone era. Amber Fort is a must visit. Jaipur is a shopaholic's delight. Bargains in textiles and jewellery abound. Other destinations to visit in Jaipur are the, City Palace, Hawa Mahal-an iconic five story structure built to allow royal ladies to view the street life from a high balcony and from behind a screen, and Jantar Mantar (astronomical Observatory).


After a very short period of time, you will spot either camels or elephants or both stroll past by you. Further added to the charm of Jaipur is the colourful attire of the local people. All shades of colours sit elegantly on these happy looking people. Jaipur has a lot of restaurants offering authentic Rajasthani food which simply is finger licking. Do try them out. Jaipur is famous for its handicrafts. Historically, bazaars of Jaipur have been considered as amongst the best in a Asia.

Will our package tours be very expensive?


Not really. Our pricing starts from budget accommodation to luxury accommodation. Almost all price points are covered. No compromises made on the quality and comfort of the service. In fact our overnight Golden triangle tour package is a unique offering, saving you both in time and money.

Will I fall sick? Get "Delhi Belly"?

No, not really. Simple precaution of drinking from bottled water and eating well cooked food and only those fruits which can be peeled will save you from the hassle of an upset tummy.

Extend your trip.

You can extend your Golden triangle trip by including Bharatpur, Pushkar, Nawalgarh or even Varanasi. Please browse through our packages under the heading Golden triangle tour plus. Another option is to visit the Tiger Park of Ranthambhore as an extension to this trip. Even Amritsar or Haridwar or Rishikesh can be the add-on destination. We have customised tours to include all these destinations.

Will you be subjected to touts pressure?

Not with us. Our drivers and guides are well-trained to protect you from unsolicited attention. In any case, a simple and gently spoken form no does the trick.
We have a wide range of customised India golden triangle tours packages. Our tour packages are ranging from as short as one night, two days overnight package to nearly a week's itinerary. Our tremendous experience in understanding this circuit is reflected well in the unique combinations, well-designed to fit in all desires of travel itinerary. If you do not spot here what you're looking for, please contact us immediately and we shall, within a very short time, create a customised Delhi Agra Jaipur tour itinerary.


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Once you have been on this Delhi Agra Jaipur circuit, you will emerge as a much enriched human being.





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Delhi -Agra-Jaipur Delhi

Delhi -Agra-Jaipur Delhi

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