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Delhi City

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Delhi is a unique capital in the world. It has an astonishing number of monuments and ruins. There is no other capital as green as Delhi and with centuries of history.


Delhi is also widely believed to have been the site of Indraprastha, the legendary capital of the Pandavas during the times of the Mahabharata.


Delhi is the political, food, culture, music capital of India. 


Must see:


Qutub Minar 

World's tallest red stone minaret, its surroundings are an archaeological park. It's height is 72.5 meters. Built in 1192. A world heritage monument site.

Qutb Minar beyond the Walls

Humayun's Tomb1562

Mausoleum of Humauyn, the Mughal Emperor. Many historians believe this to be the precusor to Taj Mahal. A world heritage monument site.humayun's tomb


Red Fort 1648

Built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Perhaps the only fort which does not have any protective landscape around indicating the strength of Mughal empire of that time - that they had noone to fear. A world heritage monument site.Rotes Fort

Lotus Temple 1986

Built by the Bahai faith. Open to all faiths. You feel immense serenity here.Symmetry


Lodhi Gardens

Gardens laid around the tombs of Lodhi Sultanate, which ruled Delhi and much of North India in the 16th Century. These are the major monuments left from this period.Lodi Gardens

Akshardham Temple 2005

It is a large complex with intricate carvings demonstrating that traditional stone sculpting is still alive and kicking in India. Three shows - an imax movie (50 mins.), a boat ride (15 mins.) and a puppet show (35 mins.) showcase the traditional India in an easy way. Cameras, bags are to be deposited at the entry.Akshardham Temple

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara 1783

A worship place for Sikhs. Join in the kitchen to help with cooking or eat from the langar (food served free)Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Nizamuddin Shrine

Shrine of the famous sufi saint Nizamuddin. Qawaali - devotional singing on Thursday. Amir Khusro, famous poet buried in the same complex.Nizamuddin Dargah/shrine

Connaught Place 1933

Built by British as a large commercial complex. Now it is metro hub. Lot's of restaurants here.Delhi-006

India Gate & Presidential House

Built by British to commerote 90,000 soldiers who died for the British. From here, travel on the wide avenue to the grand Presidential palace.India gate and Raj Path

National Museum

Near India Gate, it house beautiful artefacts of yesteryears. It has an audio guide tour.Courtyard of the National Museum in New Delhi

Gandhi Museum

Life and times of Mahatama Gandhi on display here.Gandhi Museum

Toilets Museum

In Dwarka, it is an interesting visit. It reveals to us what is not easily revealed else where. A little out of way but worth it.

Toilet in 1890 Maharaja railway carriage


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