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Bateshwar, Uttar Pradesh

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Bateshwar is around 70 km from Agra on the banks of River Yamuna and is yet to find tourist fame. It is known for river festivals, historical temples and cattle fair. It's a rural area and its landscape is dotted with high mud hills covered with forests.


Sadhu @ Bateshwar Temple, UP

Archaeological finds indicate to a presence of well-off settlement as far away as 3000 BC. This is the time of Mahabharata, the epic tale that has Lord Krishna as one of the main protagonists. 


Bateshwar finds mention in ancient Jain texts as well and is referred to as Shauryapura therein. It was so called due to the name of the founder King Shursen, a Yadava. He was the great grandfather of both the 22nd Tirthankar of the Jains Neminath Maharaj and the Hindu god Krishna.


It is an important pilgrimage destination both for the Hindus and the Jains. It is here that the Jains believe their 22nd Tirthankar Neminath maharaja was born.


bankside at Bateshwar

Bateshwar is a cultural and spiritual centre of some significance. It gets its name from its presiding deity, Bateshwar Mahadeo or the Lord Shiva. Folklore and the ancient legends tell us the tale of an ascetic, who built a shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva under a banyan tree. In Sanskrit banyan is called bat, hence the name Bateshwar.



Nearly 108 small temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon have been built here. The temples have been built in one row, alongside the river Yamuna by Raja Badan Singh Bhadauria, on a dam built to divert the flow of the river.


The months of October and November each year witness lots of Hindu devotees congregate here to take a dip in the river and worship Lord Shiva. On this occasion, a large fair happens and the cattle fair is a part of it. The mood at the fair is mostly cheerful.




Day Trip to Agra

Day Trip to Agra

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