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Bandhavgarh City and National Park, Madhya Pradesh

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Bandhavgarh Tiger

Bandhavgarh national Park is one of the best national parks to spot the Bengal Tiger in the wild.


It is relatively easier to spot the Tiger in the wild here as the density of the Tigers in this national park is the highest.


Bandhavgarh national Park is equidistant from both Khajuraho and Jabalpur.


A unique species of White Tiger is also found here.


There are many streams in the forest, dense bamboo thickets and a wide variety of wildlife such as leopards and deers.


Leopards have a large breeding population here.

The national Park remains closed from 1st July to 30th of September. More info from the Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh


Indian bison is also found here. Here the Safari can be conducted in a jeep or with a ride on elephant back.


But Bandhavgarh is more than a national Park. It has historical monuments with associations with mythology.


One can even say that in this Park nature and history meet each other.



Bandhavgarh fort

Bandhavgarh fort was constructed by two monkey architects and was gifted to Laxman, the brother of Ram.


So says the legend. Laxman and Ram are from the epic tale of Ramayana. Bandhavgarh is the location where Rama stayed for a few days on his way back after having slayed Ravana in Lanka.


As the fort was gifted to Laxman, the brother of Rama, it has been called Bandhavgarh or Brothers Fort.

Bandhavgarh Fort


On the walls of this fort, you shall find inscriptions dating back to 300 A.D. the surrounding hemlocks have about 39 caves, amongst which many carry inscriptions in Brahmi script.


Few caves have figures of various animals such as tigers, elephants, horsemen, pigs, et cetera The existence of the oldest cave in this region is traced back to 1st century.


The serene Vishnu Temple, Bandhavgarh.

No convincing records have been found as to how this fort got constructed though it does figure in the ancient books such as “Narad-Panch Ratra” and the “Shiva Purana”. Over the last 2000 years various dynasties have ruled over this fort. Few of them are the Mauryans, Vakataka , et cetera In 1935, this fort was abandoned by its last inhabitant.



Bandhavgarh Hill - Hill/Mountain


Bandhavgarh Hill, at a height of 800 m has the Bandhavgarh fort at its summit.



Elephant Safari - Parks


Instead of an open jeep safari consider Elephant Safari to explore the jungle of Bandhavgarh. You'll get a better view of the various wildlife here that includes nearly 22 species of mammals and 250 species of birds. 


Bandhavgarh National Park

Other destinations of interest are:



Baghel Museum - Museums


Baghel Museum displays the stuffed body of the first white tiger spotted by the Maharajah along with his personal belongings as well.


Bandhavgarh National Park

Bhamera Dam - Dams


Located about 20 km away from the Bandhavgarh national Park, this location is a preferred destination for the bird watchers.


Gharpuri Dam - Dams


Gharpuri Dam is about 10 km away from Bandhavgarh national Park and is another destination favoured by the bird lovers.


Charger\'s Place - Parks


Charger's Place is dedicated to Charger, the male tiger was the boss of this area for almost a decade.





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