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Bangalore City, Karnataka

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In this section known as old Bangalore, there is a temple from the ninth century. Prior to Bangalore, it was Mysore that had been the seat of power for many centuries.


The British in 1831 annexed Mysore under the pretext of misrule by the then King Krishna Raja Wodeyar III and shifted base to Bangalore, recently renamed to Bengaluru.


Today, Bangalore is a premium destination for real estate investment.

Microsoft and General Electric have their knowledge centres here.


There is a lot of seminal research going on in the medicine and IT sectors.


A report says that though Bangalore does not have the popular and well-known intellectual property rights in the front, but it is catching up close and has many IPRs in the second and below position.


In many ways, Bangalore can be considered the cutting edge intellectual capital of India as well.


Bangalore was the first city initiative have electricity in the year in 1906.

There is an inscription that dates back to 1890 A.D. that indicates Bangalore to be at least 1000 years old. This is installed at the Parvati Nageshwar temple.



Vidhan Souda - Karnataka State Assembly Building, Bangalore

Bangalore is called the air-conditioned city of India as it has very pleasant climate, all throughout the year. Today, Bangalore is world-famous due to information technology and world-class companies operate their business from here.


Bangalore City Center

Bangalore is also known as the garden city of India as it has many beautifully maintained parks, especially the Cubbon Park, which has tall trees and well maintained pushes.

Bannerghatta national Park is in Bangalore and is considered to be one of the riches zoological parks in India having exotic mammals, such as elephants, tigers, and deer.


Deers, Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore, India!!!

To the architectural aficionados Bangalore has many splendidly built buildings and monuments to feast their eyes upon. Striking building is the Vidhan Sabha building or the legislative building which has been built in the traditional Dravidian style and is set amidst lovely landscaped gardens. The Bangalore Palace is no less striking monument and has resemblance to the Windsor Castle of England.


Bangalore Palace

The ornately designed and built wooden palace of Tipu Sudan is notable for its exquisite arches and ceilings decorated by elaborate floral patterns.


Tipu Sultan's summer palace

A famous attraction of Bangalore is the Bull Temple. From a single piece of rock and enormous sculpture of a big Bull has been carved out. Another destination in Bangalore well worth a visit is the St Mary's Basilica church for its stained glass windows and Gothic style construction.


India - Bangalore - 006 - The Bull Temple

If you're travelling with children, then Bangalore has one of the largest amusement parks in India, the Wonder La Amusement Park. Firecrackers, laser lights, rain dance floor, ground rides and water rides and many other activities will keep you engaged for a long time.


Bangalore is a modern city and has many modern designed shopping malls where many bargains can be had.

The Streets of Bangalore


Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city with lots of expatriates from all over the world, who have made Bangalore their home for a few years. It has a vibrant expatriate community and their website is Bangalore expat club


Bangalore is well-connected by all forms of transport.




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