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Indian Astrology Tour

Rs. 2925/- for 1 person. Extra person Rs. 1250/-. Includes Transport and Astrologer fees

We will introduce you to good astrologer. Have your horoscope cast, analysed and read. Have remedies suggested. Afterwards, a walk through an antique market & browse through a tea shop. Cost of remedies will be extra. Duration: approx. 6 hours


There are many branches of Indian Astrology. Most popular is Vedic. KP is another. This one is Lal Kitab (Red Book).
Essentially Astrology is about knowing trends and making choices based on trends. Western astrology does that well. Vedic astrology does that well as well.
However the beauty of Lal Kitab astrology is that this is remedial focussed. It analyses the horoscope and tells where the weakness lies and more importantly where the correction is required.
Simple remedies e.g. go to a place of worship once every day or do not visit place of worship for next few months etc. help correct the imbalances.
Some of remedies are expensive and can touch $ 600. There is no compulsion to do the remedies though it is probably worthwhile.
This astrology does not offer platitudes. It finds the weaknesses and talks about it.
Other astrological streams do something similar but often errors creep in and the remedies are cumbersome.
The astrologer – Umesh Sharma - is a professional astrologer – a front runner in this field of astrology. He is consultant to many rich Indians.
He runs a Yahoo Group intermittently, as and when he gets time.
Many have benefited from his guidance and advice.
Ofcourse astrology is not a 100% cure all but it does reduce a lot of uncertainties.


Day Trip to Agra

Day Trip to Agra

Travel Period: 22-08-12

Overall value: Satisfactory



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Overall Experience:

Clear communications, most times. Friendly thorough service. Recommended for lone female travellers.




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