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1N 2D Golden Triangle Tour - 1st Jaipur then Agra -1N Jaipur (By Car)

Scintillating package of Golden triangle tour to India. 2 Cities you visit. 1 Night in Hotel.Tour starts from Delhi and ends in Delhi.

0Nt Delhi | 1Nt Jaipur | 0Nt Agra |

Jaipur Museum

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Rs. 13,300**for 2 persons, budget,small AC car. More deals below.

1N 2D Golden Triangle Tour - 1St Jaipur Then Agra - By Car

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Itinerary: Delhi-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi (GT1N2DJpAgCar Email us to customise this tour)


Package Overview

Important Note:

Taj Mahal is closed on Friday.


In this golden triangle tour to India, the focus is on Jaipur and Agra.


  • A quick outline of the tour:
  • Day one, early morning, you drive from Delhi to Jaipur.
  • First halt is at Amber Fort and then rest of Jaipur sightseeing including City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar and Jal Mahal.
  • The day finishes with a visit to Jaipur's bazaars.
  • Day two, you drive to Agra from Jaipur via Fatehpur Sikri.
  • After Taj Mahal and Agra Fort visit, drive back to Delhi.


This tour has the potential to stagger you with an all sensory assault. The diversity and the contradictions of India will be in your face, but you shall be safely travelling through all this with our car and driver.


Delhi Jaipur highway is very good and lots of eateries on the way.


On your first halt is at Amber Fort, the construction of which started in 11th century and the successive rulers kept on enhancing it with palaces and courtyards. The 17 and the 18th centuries witnessed the influence of Mogul architectural style in the building work of the Fort.

Expect to see elephants and bicycles parked on the same side of the road.


18th century advent saw the city of Amer burgeoning beyond its capacity and that then ruler Jai Singh commissioned a Bengali architect to design a new city. Thus Jaipur was formed, neatly laid out on and nine block grid pattern governed by the dictates of Vaastu Shashtra, the Indian feng shui.


The wide avenues lined with beautiful buildings of the new city found much appreciation with the visiting European travellers. The bazaars of Jaipur have always been considered the most vibrant in Asia. You will see all of this including City Palace and the museum inside it.


Jaipur in 1932 video



Day two, you move on to Agra after breakfast. En route is the magnificent red stone city of Fatehpur Sikri, which houses the shrine of Sufi mystic Salim Chishty. The mighty Akbar had built this city as a gratifying tribute to the Saint, for he had predicted that Akbar will become a father. This will be the first planned city of the Mogul Empire. From here Akbar had marched out and conquered Gujarat. On his return, he renamed it Fatehpur Sikri (city of victory). However, a few years later, it was abandoned apparently due to lack of water.


For Taj Mahal in Agra, there is nothing much to say except that when you get to visit it, you shall be speechless. There is the opportunity for you to enjoy your Taj Mahal moments at the time of sunset, either from within the precincts of Taj Mahal or from Mehtab Bagh, which is across the river.


Your Agra visit includes the Agra Fort as well. Agra fort was built by Akbar to have a grand fortress befitting the might and dignity of the Mogul Empire. Agra was chosen as it was considered to be the centre of India. Agra Fort is a Fort built to defend.


Akbar became the Emperor at the tender age of 13, when his father Humayun died. At his peak, his empire stretched from Bengal to Afghanistan and Kashmir as well as, to the Deccan the South.


On your drive back to Delhi expect to see almost all forms of transportation known to mankind since, what, eternity!



Train Option Possible. See Prices Tab.


  • AC Car, Driver and fuel cost
  • All toll charges, parking, taxes
  • Hotel accommodation with all hotel taxes
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Sightseeing by car in the destination cities

    • 2 Cities you visit
    • 1 Night in Hotel
    • English speaking guide in Jaipur - 1 time(s)
    • English speaking guide in Agra - 1 time(s)
Additional Hotel Info:
  • Jaipur - In 3 Star/Midrange Package At Umaid Bhawan Hotel: (Mandatory And Paid Directly Here: Gala Dinner On Christmas @ Rs. 1500/- Per Person. Gala Dinner On New Year @ Rs. 1500/- Per Person. )

Exclusions & Other Terms:

  • Monument / Parks / Sanctuary entrance tickets not included
  • Elephant / Camel ride cost not included
  • Any meals and services unless mentioned in the itinerary are not included
  • The hotels and services as mentioned in the itinerary are subject to confirmation
  • Rates can be different during Christmas holidays, trade fairs, exhibitions and special events. A surcharge may be levied.
  • See package terms for full detail of exclusions and inclusions

Optional: Buffet Lunch @ 5 Star Hotel (ITC Sheraton, Agra) Rs. 1200/- per person can be arranged. Inform in advance.

Optional: Buffet Lunch @ 4 Star Hotel (Ramada Jaipur) Rs. 900/- per person can be arranged. Inform in advance.





Day 1



Delhi Jaipur morning drive

Early morning, 6 AM recommended, leave Delhi for Jaipur. As you will drive out of Delhi, you shall go past Gurgaon, the modern commercial IT hub. Your only chance, perhaps to have a glimpse of modern India with swanky buildings.


It is about 275 km, approximately 5 to 6 hours drive on very good dual carriage road. There are many eateries on the way, where you can have your breakfast. A popular eatery is the Midway, operated under the aegis the Rajasthan tourism Department.


Half way later, you shall notice the changing landscape, with green fields giving way to more sandy areas. The first hills of the Aravalli range will show their face near about the half way mark. Within these sales is nestled the Neemrana fort. Just for your information as visit to Neemrana fort is not part of your itinerary.

Before you reach Jaipur, the city of Amer shows up where Amber Fort is situated.


Jaipur sightseeing coming straight from Delhi

Amber Fort is your first halt from where you're sightseeing of Jaipur starts. Our Jaipur guide shall meet you here.


This Fort represents a 1000 years of Kuchwaha Rajputs history. The Fort complex is dotted with a plethora of courtyards, palaces, ruins and temples. You can allow yourself to be carried up the steep walk to the Fort's gate by an elephant. An interesting area is the small temple dedicated to the patron goddess of the ruling family. Till 1980, since many centuries, a goat was daily sacrificed here. While Amber Fort, showcases both the Rajputs pride and their architectural style, in the later years construction and renovation, the Mogul influence is visible. After Amber Fort, you drive to Jaipur city.

On the way a small stop on the roadside to admire and photograph Jal Mahal, the water Palace.


Continuing further, another stop by the roadside in front of Hawa Mahal. Hawa Mahal's facade is everything and like Agra and Taj Mahal are synonymous with each other, similarly Hawa Mahal and Jaipur are synonymous with each other. Royal ladies used to watch the street life discreetly, from behind a marble screen having holes.



After lunch, visit City Palace. Jaipur was conceived as a city of nine blocks. Two of these blocks have been used for City Palace. Only a small portion of City Palace is open for the tourist, including the Museum. Rest of it is the private residence of the current maharaja. A mixture of Rajasthani and Mogul architectural styles, this sprawling complex has many courtyards, gardens and buildings. The museum has a rare manuscripts, costumes, weapons and historical artefacts.

After City Palace, visit Jantar Mantar-the astronomical Observatory. Crazy looking structures will greet you here, but they are the instruments for celestial movements observation.

After Jantar Mantar, visit to the Jaipur market for you to find shopping bargains.


Hotel check-in and rest of the evening free.


Day 2

Last Day of Tour

This is your last day of your tour.



Jaipur to Agra drive

After an early morning breakfast, leave for Agra, the city of Taj Mahal. It is about 5 to 6 hours drive, most of which is through rural areas.


The highlight of this drive is that you will stop at Fatehpur Sikri, the red stone "City of victory". Within the fort is the shrine of Salim Chishty, the Sufi mystic, in whose honour the city was built by a delighted Akbar when the mystic's prediction that Akbar will have an heir came true. It has a beautiful mosque and three separate Palaces for each of his favourite wives-a Muslim, a Christian and a Hindu. After Fatehpur Sikri, you drive on to Agra. Our Agra guide shall meet you here.


Agra sightseeing

After lunch, visit Agra Fort. Agra fort was built by Akbar as he considered Agra to be the right location to administer the large landmass of India that was under his control. This impressive red stone fort built to showcase the might of Mogul empire was also where Shah Jahan, Akbar's grandson was imprisoned by his own son Aurangzeb. It is here that Shah Jahan breathed his last, gazing at Taj Mahal.


Finally you reach Taj Mahal, after Agra Fort.


This world's most stunning monument has many tales associated with it. Its beauty is staggering, visiting and experiencing it still surpassing the visual abuse of so many photographs heaped onto it. The romance of Taj Mahal is unique, eternal and lingers on. To many it is intriguing that one of the most wealthiest and powerful emperors of his time, Shah Jahan, who had a harem full of wives and concubines, was loyally obsessed with only one wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Mumtaz Mahal was betrothed to Shah Jahan, when both were in their teens. Mumtaz Mahal was his confidant, his friend, his advisor and was actively involved in the administration of the empire. Publicly, Shah Jahan was guarded so as the involvement of Mumtaz Mahal and his dependency on her advice was not revealed to the masses. 

As you visit will coincide with the possibility of sunset, it is up to you to decide whether you want to do that or reach Delhi earlier.


Agra Delhi drive.

Leave for Delhi. It is about 220 km or about 4 to 5 hours of drive. Road condition is good. There are plenty of eateries on the highway. Even McDonald's.


You can change the proposed hotel and opt for a different hotel. Browse hotel photos /details below.
Hotels Proposed: Budget 3 Star/Midrange Heritage/4 Star 5 Star/Luxury
Jaipur Jaipur Heritage Hotel Umaid Bhawan Hotel

(Mandatory and paid directly here: Gala Dinner on Christmas @ Rs. 1500/- per person. Gala Dinner on New Year @ Rs. 1500/- per person. )

Ramada Hotel Jaipur Trident Hotel Jaipur

Jaipur Hotels

Jaipur Hotels Used

Any of the followings hotels, depending upon availability.


Jaipur Heritage Hotel

Jaipurheritage1 200x133

A comfortable hotel, built new, with large garden, near to city center.

More Photos

3 Star / Midrange

Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhawan1 200x133

A modern heritage hotel providing high class Rajasthani style accommodation. 
Run by a family of Rathores it is built in traditional style having beautifully carved balconies, attractive courtyards, open terraces, lovely garden and comfortable rooms with antique furnishings. 



Khandwa Haveli

Khandwa Hotel

Heritage Khandwa Haveli


This is one of the oldest heritage property in Jaipur. This old bungalow now converted to a hotel, has been exquisitely renovated and expanded with every modern amenity.

This Jaipur Heritage Hotel offers very spacious rooms and suites which are furnished with artifacts and antique style furniture, while hand-painted frescos and miniature paintings feature throughout the hotel.

Umaid Mahal

Umaid Mahal Hotel

Pic 13 200x261

Umaid Mahal - one of the most classic heritage style Jaipur Hotels  is a beautiful and comfortable mini castle whose warm hospitality and splendor will linger in your minds forever.

More Photos

Nahargarh Haveli

Nahargarh HaveliNahargarh Haveli, Jaipur


Clean bathrooms, big rooms, fresh towels, Wi-Fi, rooftop restaurant, affordable food and much more is what you get here at this traditional Haveli that has been redecorated to be as a hotel.


More Photos

Rani Mahal

Rani Mahal


The hotel has tried to incorporate the magical age old traditions and architecture with the modern day ammenties. The beautifully designed and tastefully furnished heritage rooms & suites take you back into the Royal times of Rajputana and Rajwada. Each room has been hand painted, the elegant frescoes, arches & coloured glasses give the magical and heritage touch to the overall finish. The carved furniture styled as per the era of old along with the chandeliers, murals will give you a taste and feeling of old Royal exotic times of the Maharaja's.

The Heritage Hotel has a swimming pool to let you relax and recharge from all the exhaustion you might come across from your trip or daily sight seeing tours

Heritage / 4 star


Loharu House

Loharu House

100 1110 200x150

Stay at the Royal Residence of erstwhile Princely Estate, a colonial building, now offered as a Homestay. The Begum (Royal Lady) runs the show. Landscaped gardens, elegantly furnished rooms. 

Lot's of history on the walls.

More Photos


Ramada Hotel

Ramada Hotel Jaipur Front View 200x133


A posh hotel in Jaipur. 

With swimming Pool.

Lot's of shopping around.


More Photos

5 Star


Hotel Trident Jaipur - An Oberoi Group property

Trident Jaipur Entrance 200x150

Breathtaking views of the serene Mansagar Lake and the striking Aravalli range welcome guests at the 135 room Trident Hotel, Jaipur.

Beautifully furnished well-equipped rooms.

More Photos

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn Jaipur

Holiday Inn Jaipur 8 200x108

This lovely 5 Star luxury hotel is located close to major tourist attractions, the Fort of Amer on one side and City Palace on the other.

The architecture upholds the local culture, the hotel is designed as a "Haveli" - a nobleman's mansion.
The staff is friendly.




Jaipur   Jaipur Videos


About Jaipur



About Agra


Agra Images







Experience Train Option from Delhi to Agra

Prices in Indian Rupees. Please check latest prices. Sadly, hotel prices can change overnight. :-(

Cost with Small AC Car Tata Indigo or similar. Car details

Cost with Large AC Car like Innova or similar. Large car photo Larger group tours arranged as well using bigger vehicles like Tempo Traveller, Mini Bus and Buses. Ask for quote. Luxury Custom Built Limousine Luxury Innova

No. of Rooms No. of Persons


Midrange / 3 Star

Heritage / 4 Star

5 Star


Midrange / 3 Star

Heritage / 4 Star

5 Star

1 Upto 1 Persons 13,300 14,600 17,700 25,800 17,000 18,300 21,400 29,500
1 Upto 2 Persons 13,300 14,600 17,700 25,800 17,000 18,300 21,400 29,500
1 Upto 3 Persons 14,200 15,400 19,500 27,600 17,900 19,200 23,300 31,400
2 Upto 4 Persons 15,800 18,400 24,600 40,800 19,500 22,100 28,300 44,500
2 5 Persons (with Extra Bed) X X X X 20,400 23,000 30,200 46,400
2 6 Persons (Triple Occupancy) X X X X 21,400 23,800 32,000 48,200
3 Upto 6 Persons X X X X 22,000 25,900 35,200 59,500

Additional Costs


Jaipur Additional Costs

Elephant Ride Cost In Jaipur

Camel Ride In Jaipur

Jaipur Monuments Timings and Entry Fees



Cost includes pickup from South Delhi or Central Delhi. Outside South/Central Delhi, it will be and additional cost.


Save time and have stress free travel between Delhi and Agra using the Yamuna Expressway. Extra charge for one way travel: Rs. 350 for small AC car; Rs. 450 for large AC car.


Agra entrance/additional costs



Delhi additional costs.


Our stated price as valid by pickup and drop is in South/Central Delhi.


Outside these areas, there is an additional cost. 


Please click here to know more about it.

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One day Agra trip

One day Agra trip

Travel Period: 28/7/2013

Overall value: Great Value



Review by: Georgia





Overall Experience:

Loved the sunrise pickup & that we were able to book it last minute.




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