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Drive to Agra from Delhi


At 6 AM in the morning, our driver will collect you from your hotel and take you to Agra. From Central Delhi, it is about 240 km drive one way or about 4 hours.


For the first timers to India, it shall be a ride of some crazy sights. Do not be surprised if you see dancing bears their owners alongside the road. Expect to see almost all types of surface transport known to humans.


You may well see some monkeys as well. Cows, camel's, oxen, buffaloes, horses, donkeys and maybe elephants will be spotted by you.


The road to Agra from Delhi is a dual carriageway good quality road.


For your breakfast, you have plenty of choices available, from local eateries to McDonald's. Your driver can guide you on the local eateries, or you can specify that it is at McDonald's that you prefer to halt.


Our Agra guide shall meet you in Agra itself.



Excellent driver and Sightseeing with only one down

Excellent driver and Sightseeing with only one down

Travel Period: 12/9/11

Overall value: Above Average




Review by: Jonathan





Overall Experience:

Dislikes our laptop was stolen during the trip it was Disappointing. Likes: The driver the taj mahal




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