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Bundi first half day sightseeing

The Bundi Palace and Taragarh Fort are the two main attractions. Bundi Palace has beautiful impressive detailed murals, even though they are fading. In the darker stairwells of Bundi Palace, bats have made their home.


Bundi Palace complex has many palaces within and was built in the early 17th century. It also has the finest step wells in Rajasthan.


Taragarh Fort is a sprawling Fort on hilltop and overlooks the Palace and the lake. Many ruins, relics, step Wells and temples have been built within this complex. Much lesser tourists here compared to Bundi Palace. On the steep uphill way to the Taragarh fort you will spot any monkeys. You will also spot many step Wells and ruins on the way. The fort was built to defend, therefore has only one entrance. The design was such so as to have the only source of water inside the fort. This made the attackers of the fort explore the surroundings for water, thus making them vulnerable for hit and run attacks. The moguls were the prominent recipient of this guerrilla war treatment.

Tickets are both these monuments are sold at the same booth.


From Taragarh fort city of Bundi looks like a blue city. Bundi is also known as the city of step Wells. The step wells or "Baoris" as they are locally called our rare examples of architecture and sculpture.


Early lunch can be had amongst the many restaurants in the lane opposite the Bundi Palace.


Bundi to Chittorgarh travel.

Now drive to Chittorgarh Fort. About three hours. The landscape cheers up considerably, as you see more green.



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3D 2N Agra Jaipur Tour

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