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Goa in the rains

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Vast empty beautiful green spaces dazzlingly enhanced by the pouring rain. That's Goa for you during the monsoons. Mostly deserted, still you shall spot a few Goans going about their daily lives on quiet streets.

Rains in Goa are a deluge. Before the monsoon arrives, the red earth parched land that you see often, can become a lake with waves and tides in no time.

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A surfeit of vegetation sprouts up quickly around the cached water. Massive leaves, tangles of elephant ears, variety of grass, wildflowers, psychedelic green fields, mossy jungles, opaque grey sky, raw foamy waves greet you all around.

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Accommodation is cheap during the monsoons. And why not? Monsoon time is not the touristy time. Try to get a homestay or villa for an extended stay. These kind of properties offer lots of legroom, necessary for anyone to really enjoy the monsoon.


The bird life in Goa gets a boost during the monsoons. Even the rare white storks can be spotted frolicking in the reeds. The newly formed lakes will soon get the fish for which the storks are making their presence felt. Don't ask how do these fish arrive in these newly formed lakes! It just happens.

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Goa, a beautiful location all year long, becomes breathtaking during the monsoon. It's a love story-monsoon and Goa. The dramatic play between the water and earth, nature with her own self, is a sight to behold. Mushrooms sprout in corners. Fishermen stow away their boats. The locals with their families are out in the fields planting rice, sipping chai as they munch snacks.


The smartly dressed locals who had been engaged in the tourist industry are now relaxing in their vests, blissfully unemployed after a possible demanding tourist season. Monsoon time is the off tourist season time.


Monsoons in Goa can bring in days and nights of endless rain. Time for pajama party.

It is the spontaneous who shall enjoy Goa in the monsoon, not the planner. For all plans have to be tossed aside. Monsoon in Goa does not respect any of your schedules. So, tango with it.


More ducks in the pond behind our cottage

Beaches are out of bounds and none of the famous Goan rave parties are happening. Beach shacks are dismantled, all those famous restaurants that you have read about are boarded up. It smells musty in the rooms.


If you can handle all of this, then the rewards are immense. Luscious landscapes, cool weather, interaction with locals at leisure, hardly any tourists, coming to terms with your own self as you watch the drenching downpour accompanied by lightning bolt and a clap of thunder.


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