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Goa in the rains

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Goa during the rains

Vast empty beautiful green spaces dazzlingly enhanced by the pouring rain. That's Goa for you during the monsoons. Mostly deserted, still you shall spot a few Goans going about their daily lives on quiet streets.

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Escape To The Beaches Of Goa, India

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South Goa Beach

The Goan beaches of India have everything you can ask for.  During my travels I had planned on spending a couple of weeks in Goa but it was so good I stayed for well over a month.  Goa is a very large place so there are literally hundreds of beaches to choose from.  The best advice I can give to you is to understand what kind of holiday maker you are and select which part of Goa is best for you. The North and South are very different both with their advantages and drawbacks.

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Goa - Is the party over?

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Goa moonlight party

In the recent years, for many Goa has been the destination of their India tours. The sun kissed beaches, cheaper accommodation, frequent parties, the laid-back living style of the locals, the drugs, the romance, the Carnival parade and centuries-old culture with many churches and the preserved body of St Francis Xavier had combined together to give Goa a distinct edge over other popular exotic destinations.

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Relax visa rules - Goa requests Centre

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The strict visa rule of India's home ministry is hurting Indian tourism industry. The rule states that there has to be a 2 month gap before they can re-enter India.

Goa is first to cry foul. A steep fall in foreign tourist arrivals, the Goan tourism minister has requested the central govt. for special concessions to Goa.

Most Goa tourists are repeat visitors. Most of them take a last minute decision to visit Goa. Now, instead of Goa, these tourists are visiting Sri Lanka or Thailand.

The charters have dropped to 288 from 700.

Tourists used to make Goa their base for 5 to 6 months, exploring neighbouring destinations like Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia for a few weeks and then returning back to Goa.

Long stayers from Western Europe have been affected the most, who used to spend their entire winter in sunny Goa.

Home ministry is still sticking to its guns. They claim the new norm is to prevent misuse of tourist visa - either to check terror, or preventing illegal acquisition of property in Goa.


Agra - Jaipur (3 days trip)

Agra - Jaipur (3 days trip)

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