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Places to visit in Delhi - A teenager Delhite report

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Select City Walk, Delhi

A Day in New Delhi :


Well , There are many things to do in the Capital of this majestic country , all of them are fun and adventurous .


In the morning , you can go out to taste the different delicacies of Delhi that are only open in the morning , ranging from the famous Nagpal chole bhature’s , Amar Colony to Kake ka dhabha , Connaught Place .

They ofer the most exquisite fodder from all of North India wrapped up in a delicious combo, that is light on the pocket but can easily fulfill a dead man’s appetite.


The Capital is famous for its eating habits and if you are a real foodie , visiting the back alleys of Khan Market and Chandni Chowk should also be in your books .


As it gets really hot around midday , you can spend in your afternoon in one of the many concrete shopping places , commonly known as a mall, the modern attractions in New Delhi . The really famous ones include Select Citywalk , Saket and DLF Promenade , Vasant Kunj . These places are also a great place to shop and eat, if you are in a bit of rush and can't explore the local markets . The air conditioning does a good job at beating the Delhi heat to give you a cool and calm experience in enjoying your day.


The malls are full of various diferent shops ranging from accessories for your dog, to maybe buying a car . These malls also incorporate a full fledged food court that are a really good hangout spot for youngsters , out for a snack or meal .  


As the sun goes down and the evening approaches , one could head down to a hookah lounge , which is growing really popular since the last few years. The cool and calming smoke mixed with high beats of a DJ is the perfect mix to give you a kick out of a hectic day . These places , popularly called cafés, also serve snacks and meals comprising of North Indian and international cuisines , so you wont feel out of place . The staff are friendly and speak English hence you wont face a barrier in communication and can just sit back and relax.


As the night approaches , having dinner at the more traditional places seems a good option . There are a number of good restaurants located all over Delhi , from Greater Kailash to Connaught place . If you feel not so hungry , you can try maybe some Mughal food through the streets of Nizamudin, famous for its spicy shawarmas and kormas.


India Gate is a really popular after dinner spot, for having an ice cream and enjoying the

 Launch party at Jynxx

night sky and one should definitely visit that . After having a good meal, you are now ready to experience a Saturday Night as a true Dilliwala.


If you are into clubbing, you are welcome to go to the many diferent clubs that build up the soul of Delhi’s nightlife . These clubs are always full of people, who just like you, are out there to enjoy a night of clubbing. These places are also light on the budget (e.g. Jynxx at Nehru Place) and the people are more then welcome to incorporate another person in their dance groups, that's just the spirit of a true Delhite.


If you are still up and standing after the clubs, you should definitely go for a ride through the streets of Delhi at night and maybe , if you have the stamina and patience, see the sunrise and observe the city as it gets itself geared up and ready for another day of life!


For many, Delhi is the starting point of their golden triangle tours India.

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