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Sundar Nagar Market - a treasure trove of traditional Indian handicrafts and antiques

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Sundar Nagar market is not a big market. From one end to another, you can cover it within 5 min. But if you choose to window shop and move at a slow pace, then it can even take two hours. The market is a delight to all with its odd curios and eclectic collections.


As you saunter through its covered corridor, you shall go past by giant leather casket, large copper containers, marble statues, original paintings, decorative items and lots of furniture.


It has a few restaurants. Nathu sweets, which has been there since ages, serves fast Indian food. Now there is a confectionery shop and recently, an Italian restaurant had opened its doors.


Sundar Nagar residential colony, where this market is located, was one of the first colonies that came up after the independence in the 1950s. Before Chanakyapuri became the embassy area, Sundar Nagar had many embassies located here. Even today, many expatriates choose to lease apartments here.


Apart from the handicrafts and the antiques shops, there are two tea shops that stock almost all kind of exotic teas. Expensive of course!


Precious and semiprecious stones jewellery, Kashmiri Jamawars, antique textiles, enamelled polka jadau jewellery, mirrors, chandeliers, telescopes, door knobs, door handles, temple lamps, grandfather clocks, rare rugs and many more, but very interesting items are available here.


This is one market, where touts don't chase you. You are free to loiter in the market without being pushed to buy anything from anyone.


One thing you should try it out here is the Gol Gappas at Nathu sweets. These are flour balls filled with sweet and sour chutneys, thick curd, some chick peas, and spicy water. Simply delicious.

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