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New year in India

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India has many exotic destinations where you and your family can spend quality time together and usher in the New Year. Of course individuals can have different ideas on what they wish to be engaged with while the clock strikes 12 and to fulfill that call, India has many destinations and activities that can be pursued to bring in the first dawn of the new year.


Some delectable Indian destinations are discussed below:


But before the destinations, did you know?


Burn the past: Many individuals across the world burn a life-sized doll in the belief that by doing this, they shall be able to get rid of their troublesome and painful past.



Travel to Jaisalmer, where you can extend your trip to foray deep into desert by camel safari. The highlight of this safari is its bonfire in the chilling seclusion of the rolling sand dunes.


Camel Safari in Jaisalmer

Not sure of a camel safari? Then go for the Jeep safari.


During the Christmas and the New Year holidays, the cities of Jaisalmer and Jodhpur see a huge influx of a range of celebrities. You can catch a glimpse of these celebrities at the various impromptu gatherings that are organised in the royal settings. Furthermore, most hotels have capabilities to arrange an intimate gathering, should this be your desire.

 Hotel Ajit Bahwan, Dining area


Head for the beaches in Goa if you want to party hard for the New Year. A large number of music festivals are held during the month of December. Entertainment blast is at its peak in Goa.


The Captain's leaving party, Patnem Beach, South Goa

Goa is a very sought after destination for both - the Indian traveller and the international traveller. It is a happening destination, unlike any in India. Hard-core partygoers shall not be disappointed in Goa. Countless beach parties are arranged by the restaurants and the shacks that line on the beaches. Each party will have a special of one kind or another on offer.


Karaoke bars are a part of the entertainment at the nicer nightclubs in Goa.


Glide langurously in your own house boat through the backwaters of Kerala as the New Year gently arrives. Throw your own high energy New Year's party with full blast music on the decks of your house boat. These houseboats are widely spread out and those who wish to usher in the New Year with intimacy and solitude, can do so without being bothered by the boisterous houseboats , as the distances between houseboats is enough to , dull the high decibel music.

Kerala Houseboat

In the last week of December (December 22 to January 1), Cochin is the host to an annual festival called the Cochin Carnival.

Kochi, Carnival

A massive procession of decorated elephants accompanied by the music of drums marches to Fort Kochi. Folk dances from many parts of India are performed during this carnival. Games, competitions, dirt bike races, dancing, beach sports and fireworks are its attractions. The procession marches on the concluding day, the New Year's day Kovalam and Varkala are other possibilities where a romantic New Year can be celeberated. These destinations are also suitable for fun filled family holidays.


Rohtang Pass

Years of looking at picture postcards carrying images of white Christmas and New Year makes many yearn for a similar experience in India. If so, then head for Manali in Himachal Pradesh where the abundant snowfall shall not disappoint you. 

Just stay in a comfortable hotel and watch the towering white peaks of the mountains around it.


Gulmarg Gondala

Considered to be Asia's answer to Switzerland, Gulmarg is a scenic spot that offers many activities. Around the New Year, it snows persistently and gives a delightful snow cover. Gulmarg has one of the highest cable cars in the world, a ride that everyone must take. It is about 60 km from Srinagar.


For many, the New Year's celebrations are not complete without a glass or two of wine. If you are a tippler, then how about heading to Nasik, the region of vineyards. Nasik is an important town in Maharashtra.


There are many vineyards here, that offer special packages which include unlimited wine and food. Taste the wine in one of the tasting rooms while you look at the beauty of the vineyard.

Nasik Vineyard


Sula (number 1 brand in India) annually hosts the largest New Year's party in its amphitheatre. Average attendance is around 1500 people. The nip in the air and the delicate breeze conspire together to bring you out of your hotel confines and make you dance with gay abandon in the vineyard.

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