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A Guide to Make Your Backpacking Trip Comfortable and Unforgettable - Backpack in India

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All backpackers love to enjoy adventurous trips and they often take off to places where they get to relax in the warmth of Mother Nature. In India backpacking trips allow to you get a glimpse of beautiful waterfalls, mystic rivers, animals in the wild and other untouched landscapes at its best.

It’s the cheapest way to see interesting places with no much crowd. The basic essential elements of any travel are just a few set of cloths and a ticket.   Expenses on backpacking trip.

There can be times when the all sensory assault of India is a bit too much and you need someone to take care of you, arrange things for you. With just a little additional money, we promise to comfort table and safe travel. In this case, you could consider our many India tours listed on this website.

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The expenses for the first time travelers is quite high, as they need to buy some essential items such as trekking shoes, bag, compass, etc. There are many gadgets available in the backpacker stores, which are very much vital for your travel.   Backpack in India to locations like Taj MahalPlanning for adequate finances for your tour is an ideal thing to do. In order to figure out your estimated budget, you need to take in account the airline tickets, visas, accommodation, food, transportation around the country, and other incidental expenses. HiH - Events - World Child's Prize Vote- 08-03-18 - 42-2If the calculated budget is much higher than you think, then you’ll need to start saving for the trip in advance. You shouldn’t let the budget hinder your travel from going abroad.   Backpacking packing list. If you are preparing for a long or short break trip, it is important for you to think about the things that you need to bring. First timers have to pack according to their physical stamina. India - Yelagiri Hills Adventure Camp - 08 - paddy fields bordering the campIt is also good to travel light on such a trip. It is important that you consider the weight of your luggage, as you’ll be travelling everywhere with whatever you in your bag.   Carrying big and heavy backpack will be difficult, while jumping across the small streams, climbing rocky hills and for trekking up and down through the rough paths. If you are completely prepared and are on a well planned trip, then you are sure to enjoy the most convenient, safe and relaxing holiday. 20071124_MG_3363Some of things you need to pack are:  

  • A backpack that is big enough to carry all the things and also make sure whether it has durable canvas, strong seams and zip along with 2 or 3 compartments.
  • Depending upon the backpacking destination, you will need to carry the kitchenware. For this, you must carry backpacking stove (propane or butane type). Other utensils like plastic mug, spoon, fork and non-stick coating pots and pans.
  • The food items for the backpacking must be very lightweight, high on calories, tasty and quick to cook. Some food items that you might enjoy while travelling are cereals, breads, pasta, canned meat, crackers, nuts, apple cider, eggs and lemonade.
  • For an overnight gear you need a shelter, flashlight, shoes, mosquito repellent. Other than these, you should pack warm clothes, socks, shoes, inner wears, tops, pants, gloves and sunglasses for the trip.
  • Some of the much required items are small tent, water filtration device, first aid kit, updated map, soap, toothpaste & brush deodorant, sunscreen lotion and sanitary supplies.
  • A few of the medical items that you might need in case of any injuries or accidents are bandages, tincture, prescribed medicines, aspirin, antibiotic cream, and multivitamins.
  • Lastly, pack things like currency, identification card, and travel documents if you touring overseas. It is suggested that you also carry your MP3 player, books and camera.

Backpacking travel guidelines For a backpacking travel, you will need to plan well and do all the groundwork before embarking on your journey. You will need to learn all about your destination points and routes. Some of the top backpacking destinations that you might want to visit are India.   Bundi street sceneYou could either stay in hostels, guest houses or in campuses. Book the respective hostels well in advance because usually hostels get filled very quickly. You could also look for budget motels in the outskirts. If nothing works out, you could set up a camp in the woods.   William writings frequently feature on Top Travel Blogs, and he has been writing interesting travel articles for many years now. He usually tries to explain about the enchanting bliss that can only be experienced when we humans touch nature in their true splendor.

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