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Tirupati, Temple Town, Andhra Pradesh, 266 km, about 4 1/2 hours from Bangalore

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The fame of Tirupati comes from the presence of the temple of Venkateswara Swami
and is the busiest pilgrimage centre in the world. Nearly 30 to 40 million devotees
visit this hill temple town annually.

Tirupati Temple


The location is scenic, with more than average wildlife. Easily spotted is the deer
apart from multitudes of bird species. Visit the deer park to delight in the
spectacle of frolicking deers.


The primary purpose of visit to Tirupati is Darshan of the deity. Tirupati has
earned the reputation over many years of fulfilling the wishes of its devotees. A
common offering by the devotees is getting their head hair shaved, once their wish
is fulfilled.


Visitors can participate in the social service that the temple has arranged on
continuum. Accept and taste the Tirupati's famous prasada, the giant size laddoo
that is sold at a very low price.


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Feedback Tour/ ZEITLER/14NOV2012

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