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Sikar, Frescoed Havelis, Rajasthan, 300 km, about 6 hours from Delhi

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Sikar is located in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, and is famous for its painted Havelis. Indeed Sikar is a historical town and consists of many Mughal era Havelis. In its heydays, it used to be a prosperous town. It is dominated by Jats.

Fort @ Laxmangarh

The most famous attraction of Sikar is its ruined old hill fort, Laxmangarh Fort, built in 1862. The uniqueness of this fort is that its structure is built on scattered pieces of rock. No such architecture exists in the whole world. Subsequently the marble palace was built within its precincts. The marble palace walls have a golden painting.

Sikar used to be the largest estate (Thikana) of the Jaipur state. Sikar is enclosed by a high wall with seven gates.


The ancient name for Sikar is "Beer Bhan ka Baas". It means arid habitation.


The Krishna Temple of Khatu Shyamji in Sikar district finds mention in the Mahabharata and is built with the white marble. The devotees make a beeline for it.


In the nearby Ganeshwar village located are the curative hot sulphur springs that cures skin ailments. Ganeshwar village's added attraction is that it is surrounded by ruins of a 4000 year old civilisation.


Near to Ganeshwar village is the Baleshwar city, which has an ancient Shiva temple.


Today, Sikar is an educational hub as well. Jaipur is about 120 km away. The main economic activity of Sikar is agriculture.


1 night 2 days Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Delhi

1 night 2 days Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Delhi

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