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Mangi-Tunga, twin pinnacled peak plateau, 288 km, about 5 hours from Mumbai

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It is about 125 km from Nasik and is especially known for the various temples, predominantly Jain temples, with many of the idols therein carrying an inscription.


This little plateau is a high powered spiritual zone. Belief is that both Ram and Hanuman attained liberation here. Apart from them, many others including 930 million monks achieved complete liberation here.


Mangi Tungi

This destination is actually a twin pinnacled location with each of the pinnacles named as Mangi & Tunga.


Both pinnacles are more than 1300 m high. For the Jains, this location is considered to be the gateway of enlightenment.


Innumerable images of Tirthankars in various meditative poses abound here. An annual fair during the months of September - October (Kartik) is held here that draws in large numbers of visitors.


For the young and the fit, test yourself out with a 4500 steps climb to the foot of the peak. As a reward, you shall get to explore the monuments of historical and religious prominence, including caves.


For the Hindus, there is a small pond known as Krishna Kund, near the Mangi pinnacle. Legend tells us that the elder brother of Lord Krishna stayed here to seek salvation and achieved the fifth heaven.


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