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Ladakh, the little Tibet

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Ladakh has a lot to offer. Soaring mountains, lakes, hails, monasteries, valleys and moonscape landscape.


Ladakh is strong on beauty as well as strong on culture. In Markha Valley, you shall notice that the locals seem to smile with their eyes, especially the women. A trek through Markha valley can take you as high as 16,200 ft. At the start of this trek, some relative flatness with red rocks and clear rapid stream gives some easy space to view and evaluate the toughness of the Markha valley's forthcoming steep climb.


Ladakh is a remarkable place made even more remarkable by its people. Ladakh has stunning landscapes, incredible vistas and the very special Ladakhi culture. Drive to Ladakh exposes you to the beautiful landscape.

Nubra Valley (10,000 feet) is stunning and amongst the most beautiful places on Earth.


Ladakh valley

Camels are available here for a ride on its sand dunes. The journey to Nubra Valley is mesmerising with all the raw, natural and untouched beauty spread around. On your way to Nubra Valley, you shall pass through the Khardungla Pass (18,500 feet) - the world's highest motorable road.


Pangong Lake is about five hours drive from Leh. It is a magical drive, especially made memorable due to the clouds, snowcapped mountains, sand and the brilliant shades of the colours.


Sangam is the confluence of the two rivers, Indus and Zanskar. Both rivers meet each other here and arrive here in different colours. River rafting is organised here. On the way to this meeting point, you shall come across the Magnetic Hill. For a distance of nearly 4 km, you shall experience in zero gravity on this metallic road. Put your car's gear in neutral and watch your car move upwards on its own.


Ladakh's soul is in its monasteries. Buddhism is the DNA of Ladakh. The whole territory is infused with it. Mani prayer stone walls, hundreds of flat stones inscribed with the Buddhist mantra om mani padme hum greet you here.


Should you participate in a monk ceremony, you will find monks of varying ages chanting the Buddhist mantras. Serenity. This beautiful moment is often followed by cacophony of sounds emanating from long on, cymbals, traditional flutes and drums.


Shanti Stupa is fully made of with white stone. A visit to it during full moonlight is simply awesome. Sunrise and sunset views are equally impressive here. 


The other famous monasteries are the Hemis monastery (45 km from Leh) and the Thiksey monastery (17 km from Leh). Hemis monastery is beautiful and has peaceful environs. Thiksey monastery is considered to be the crown jewel of monasteries in Ladakh by many.


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Feedback Tour/ ZEITLER/14NOV2012

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