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Ladakh, the little Tibet

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Ladakh has a lot to offer. Soaring mountains, lakes, hails, monasteries, valleys and moonscape landscape.


Ladakh is strong on beauty as well as strong on culture. In Markha Valley, you shall notice that the locals seem to smile with their eyes, especially the women. A trek through Markha valley can take you as high as 16,200 ft. At the start of this trek, some relative flatness with red rocks and clear rapid stream gives some easy space to view and evaluate the toughness of the Markha valley's forthcoming steep climb.


Ladakh is a remarkable place made even more remarkable by its people. Ladakh has stunning landscapes, incredible vistas and the very special Ladakhi culture. Drive to Ladakh exposes you to the beautiful landscape.

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Taj &Fort Agra 1 day

Travel Period: 16/1/12

Overall value: Above Average


Review by: S Amery





Overall Experience:

As good.Long Journay but Driver very safe

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