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Indian teenager in China - A Trip to Beijing - Part 2

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The morning was a bit hectic as we were late and the tourist van had to wait for us for a long time. We are travelling with a french couple from Paris ( the male is a computer engineer ). The great wall was 70km away, that's a 2 hour drive and we had a stop at a vase making museum ( from copper ). The vases ranged from 20000 to 1.8 crore rupees and were extremely beautiful and well decorated.

We had a stopover a chinese ' dhaba ' for lunch and for the first time had a vegetarian cuisine in China. God Bless Beijing ! After a hour of drive, we finally reached one of the seven wonders of the world. To get to the actual wall, we had the option to either trek or take a cable car, we took the hard ( and cheaper ) way to trek. It was more like climbing stairs and not actual mountain climbing, but there were so many stairs, it took us about 30 mins to reach the watchtower. We went to watchtower 8 and walked on the wall till watchtower 6. A friend of ours got sick so we got delayed a bit. 

The Great Wall of China

The great wall was fantastic but the scenery was a lot similar to the hill stations of india rather then foreign. The wall occupied us for a long time as we went uphill downhill, clicking pictures and the other stuff usual stuff tourists do. One would often think the importance of such a wall when anyone could cross it with a rope or a ladder.


After the great wall, we went back to Beijing, stopping at the silk museum. We were told everything there is to know about making and using silk and even shown different uses of silk and its importance. It was really strong but soft at the same time and had a royal feeling to it. We were then taken to a famous tea shop and were shown how chinese tea is made and we had a beautiful tea tasting session. The people were a bit aggressive about selling their tea, but we were used to that by now and just sticked to our goals. 

 Teashop in China

After that, we head over to a foot massage centre. It was a really nice experience and we were told that the olympic athletes also used to go here for the massage or foot reflexology. I had a pedicure done to remove my dead skin and we were introduced to a doctor who could tell us of our ailments just by seeing our hand's lines ( talk about fortune tellers ! ). After this, we headed to eat at a Indian restaurant, Raj Indian restaurant ( I wonder where the name came from ), finally some food !


Indian teenager in China - A Trip to Beijing - Part 1


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Agra - Jaipur (3 days trip)

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