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India’s enormous size and huge population, as well as its many regions make it hard for outsiders to perceive its sheer scale. The country’s broad and varied landscape stretches from the border of China, right down to Sri Lanka, while its west side borders the Arabian sea.


Fortunately, this mass has meant that it has developed a wide and diverse range of dishes, which should be tasted by all foodies. So, with this in mind and aware you can’t try everything, here are some great varied dishes from five of its finest regions and nothing like the chicken tikka masala created in Glasgow after immigration to the UK in the 1960s. You can have private cooking lessons.


LLish Fish Paturi

Cooked in a banana leaf with spices and usually made up of fish, LLish Fish Paturi is a Bengali food originally. One thing to note though is that a wide range of sea faring creatures are used in this fishy dish and you may find anything from carp and prawns, to other indecipherable white fish.ভেটকির পাতুড়ি (bhetkir paturi)



A buffet of amazing foods with a variety of flavours, Mughlai comes from the north of the country and is quite heavy because of the amount of butter in the dishes. Kofta and kebabs are very common here and you can see the cross over with the Middle East quite evidentially from the foods. Can be experienced in our Delhi to Agra by car tour in Agra on prior notice.

Moghlai Paratha


Aloo Paratha and Sweet Curd

If you like your carbs, then Aloo Paratha and Sweet Curd is the perfect dish. Originating in the Punjab region it is essentially it is made up of flat bread and potato and comes with a number of other fillings to bring flavour to the dish. It’s cooked in quite a fatty manner and is quite often eaten for breakfast – we’d have it ahead of sausages and rashers any day.Parttha's for Lunch



Dal Bati, Raabdi and Ghevar

This dish is made from a mixture of stew, cooked from lentils and other pulses and a variety of spices, sauces and quite often yogurt. Unleavened bread is then added to the stew, as is a lot of milk and butter. This gives it a thick and rich consistency and makes it very filling. One of the reasons suggested for the large amount of dairy in Rajasthan historically suffered water shortages and to cope and save water, milk was used to make dishes instead.  Rabdi


Idlis and Sambar

With its roots in the south of the country, Ildis and Sambar is a mixture of steamed batter and lentils served in a vegetable stew. The high protein content of the lentils, the fact it’s not cooked in fat and the rice make it quite a healthy dish. It’s also low in price, making it ideal for backpackers and travellers without much cash.idly


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