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Medical tourism in India goes 5 star

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Luxury Medical Tourism in India

Come to India for health treatment and be pampered. The ability of top-notch doctors from India is well known. Also well known is the fact that treatment in India cost much less. India speaks English and that is an added advantage.


For instance, a liver transplant in the US can cost about a $ 330,000 just in surgery costs, whereas the similar treatment in India can be had at one 5th of the price inclusive flight costs and hotel costs and no waiting time.


But then there are those for whom creature comforts are very important, plus they need a faster treatment. For some typical cases in the Western world, the suffering patient has to wait for long to get an appointment. There are reports that beyond a certain age, the hospitals are generally not keen to do the treatment on priority basis.


For these minority of cases, getting an overseas treatment is a serious workable option which is explored and investigated thoroughly. Popular destinations for treatment are Thailand, Poland, Puerto Rica, Pakistan and India.


India is an attractive option as the quality of medical treatment here is top-notch, plus there is this opportunity to visit this crazy but wonderful country. In few cases, India offers exclusive solutions. The army of Indian doctors already working in the Western world has created an unshakeable faith in their abilities.


Many a times, the doctor wants you to revisit him after a few days, and that's the window where you can tour India, visit Taj Mahal and hunt for shopping bargains.


The major hospitals in India that are catering to high net worth individuals are now offering in-house stay facilities at par with top-notch hotels in the five-star category.


Expect $ 2000 room at one of these top end hospitals. This kind of money fetches you suites similar to presidential suites of plush hotels with all the facilities, some with a roof garden as well and constant medical care. The price includes confidentiality and security - much desired by celebrities and politicians.



With paparazzi invading every nook and cranny of a celebrity's life, now, even the task of having a baby becomes a huge issue for photograph seekers. Keeping them at bay is a part of the job, when you sign up this stratospherically priced service.


To illustrate, a heart bypass surgery package that costs approximately $ 5000 in a private room at Escorts Hospital, cost nearly $ 16,000 in the presidential suite.


Read more about it here


For many overseas patients, even though India is attractive, the issue of quality accommodation deters them. While a few of them opt for five-star hotel stay, it is not as convenient as staying in the hospital itself, for easier access.


With these plush rooms on offer at the hospitals, the life of the accompanying attendant/companion becomes easier as well. The food is better, even gourmet on occasions, the connectivity to world and family back at home, easy and fast.


India is a treatment destination for the neighbouring countries as well. Patients from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and many others come to India for all kinds of treatments including cosmetic surgery. 

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