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Gangaur Festival in India at Jodhpur April 13 and 14

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Gangaur Festival is celebrated all over in Rajasthan and in some parts of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. If you plan your Rajasthan trip during these months, you can consider participating in this festival.

Women in Gangaur festival

Women of Rajasthan fast and dress up in colourful attire and Henna for this auspicious festival.


The festival is held in the honour of the goddess Gauri, the consort of Shiva. The women devotees seek the goddess's blessing for the better marital life, indeed, marital bliss.


This festival is observed by both the unmarried and the married women.


While the married women seek the well-being, long life and fidelity of their husbands, the unmarried women seek getting betrothed to a good man.


It is wise to get up early on this day, to catch and join the thousands of maidens dressed in their best finery, moving while singing and carrying water and grass in pots.


Some of the pots have holes with a burning lamp inside. All of the pots are gracefully balanced on the heads of the women.


In Udaipur, on Lake Pichola, fireworks are arranged on a procession of boats.


For a new bride, it is mandatory to observe the full 18 day ritual which involves eating only one meal a day.



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