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6 Must Have Accessories For Overseas Camping in India Trips And Other Vacation Travels

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 Apart from the essential items for a holiday trip such as a passport, toothbrush, money and clothing, carrying the right accessories can save you a lot of cash, time and energy. They will also contribute to make your overall holiday experience enjoyable.

555129 139277739544121 213875366 N  Many holiday travelers look forward to a pleasurable and stress-free experience but return home with horrible memories of their trip. Picking the right travel accessories will ensure this does not happen. They will make certain you have a smoother, safer, and comfortable time at your ideal holiday destination. These accessories are:  

  1. Swiss army knife

The Swiss army knife comes in handy for a variety of uses such as opening a cold bottle of beer, chopping food or repairing a broken suitcase. Ever since the first one was made over a century ago, the knives have often been useful travel accessories. Among the most expensive Swiss knives is the Wenger, which has 141 functions and 87 implementations. Nevertheless, even the less expensive knives will serve your purpose. Remember not to pack it with your hand luggage while travelling.  When going back to your country after India vacation, it can be easily sold for a nifty sum if you get a really good knife.

  1. Travel journal

Any traveller knows that a journal is among the most important accessories to carry while on the move. You can use it for numerous purposes including keeping important and emergency contacts, writing down your travel and accommodation details, and jotting down locations or things you want to remember. Any type of journal can do the job but you can add a touch of class by purchasing a designer journal such as those made of leather.  If you are an artist, remember to bring your rich book and colour pencils to your India holidays as colourful sights shall keep you very busy.

  1. LED torch

A LED torch will certainly come in handy regardless of where you are vacationing. These accessories are small and light in weight thus easy to carry. They have a powerful bright light and last for countless hours. Furthermore, they are cheaply available hence there is no excuse for not having one.  Ideally, you should bring two such torches to your camping trip in India, one as a backup.

  1. 3G mobile internet dongle

Usually, when on holiday there is no internet café within site or a Wi-Fi signal. Hence, a tiny, modest 3G mobile internet dongle can be quite useful when you need to send an email or look up something on the web. 3G coverage is good across the globe even though the speed might be a little slower than what you are used to.  When you travel in India, mobile connectivity is almost everywhere and very inexpensive. It is also easy to get a mobile connection using your passport, though a recent order restricts the mobile phone usage up to 3 months for foreigners.

  1. International mobile phone

This is no doubt one of the most crucial things to pack for both emergency and social reasons. Do not simply pack your mobile phone without first consulting your network provider. Most network providers have established roaming agreements with operators from other nations hence; you can be able to make international calls without a problem. Roaming charges are slightly higher than the normal rates but it is a small price to pay for such a service.  You can buy a cheap mobile phone when you arrive in India, on day one itself, along with a low price plan. Including the phone cost, you can easily set yourself up within $ 40.


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  1. Digital camera

Cameras are among the most common travel accessories today. Virtually every traveller has a digital camera. They are useful in taking photographic memory of all the places you have visited and will visit. Select a camera that is light, can fit into the pocket and has a durable battery. These accessories are now cheaper than ever.    There are people who have made many camping trips, and find that they are accustomed to carrying all the above without fail, if you are not part of those people, make sure you always prepare a list before you leave the house. In case you lose your camera while travelling in India, any photographic store in any decent sized city in India shall be able to offer a reasonably priced digital camera. 


Simon Ngara is an expert blogger and a travel enthusiast. He specializes in camping holidays, and vacations, with keen interest on campsites in Dorset. You should prepare well for every trip, since lack of preparation makes it very costly.

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