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Capture a deeper image of your travel to India using the Gigapixel camera.

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AWARE-2 gigapixel camera with 98 smaller cameras and half inch aperture.

India's vividness and diversity is well known. For the tourists from the Western world, capturing this all sensory assault is both a delight and a challenge.

Many travellers to India do bring with them the latest cameras having abilities of reducing high resolution images.


But now imagine a camera such as high resolution that one can zoom half a mile away on a postage stamp or read a signboard many blocks away.


Well, this is no more science fiction and has become real. Duke University researchers have created such a camera which gives one Gigapixel resolution in a single shot.


This camera is a collection of 98 smaller cameras, each with a 14 megapixel sensor.


While the immediate use proposed is in the fields of ecology, astronomy, archaeology, and perhaps telemedicine - I say even travel to India!


Researchers including wildlife biologists and archaeologists already use image-stitching software to create similar images from lots of lower-resolution files. But the ability to take the entire picture in one instant rather than taking individual shots over a period of minutes to an hour — during which time those swans might all have flown away — will be useful for capturing dynamic processes.


India is very different to most parts of the world, especially to the Western world. The ability to capture this difference, then take it back to home and show it in great detail to your near and dear ones, is happening for the first time.


Read more about it here


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