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A Golden triangle tour of India done differently.

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Golden Triangle Skate Trip

Golden triangle tour of India is a must visit for all people. Basically it includes the three cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

The popular way to do the trip is to hire a private car and driver or some part by train.

But these young boys have added a skate twist to their journey.


In the video available at the following site, you will see the young boys using the urban spaces of Delhi to skateboard.


At most places, a motley crowd of curious Indians gathered around, adding to the charm of the activity.


Disappointment is that predominantly it is a Delhi landscape event that has been shot. I quote from the website


Peter Molec, Fabian Verhaeghe, Boris Proust, Alexis Greusard, Joachim Fromant, Joseph Biais and Samuel Partaix went on a different kind of skate trip – they travelled through India and brought back with them over 11 minutes of skate footage which is not going to be found in those skateboard video clips we’re used to. Enjoy the Golden Triangle!

There are three background music scores, all of them brilliant, but the first track, particularly endearing to this author.


Wish they could have skated alongside elephants and Amber Fort in Jaipur.


Nevertheless, it is uplifting to see that these American lads easily and safely perform their skateboard antics in the Delhi urban spaces and appreciated by Indians as rockstars.


Right way to go forward! For Golden Triangle Tour India we have few non-skate package tours.


See the video here


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