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Spiritual India Tourism - 7 Destinations.

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While spirituality is all pervasive and can be both practised and be a way of life anywhere, it is hard to believe that this was the guiding principle of the author to write this article.


The writer recommends these seven destinations to those who need help to save their souls. But the list is for India tourism rather than a serious pursuit of spiritual learning. Choice of Kerala's backwaters, Ajanta Caves, Rajasthan and makes one question what kind of spirituality are we talking about?


If, as an individual you are interested in a serious pursuit of finding your own self and the meaning of this existence, then our recommendation is to attend a 10 days silent retreat, where Buddha's meditation technique called Vipassana is taught.


Rishikesh, Varanasi, Amritsar and Dharamsala are world-famous destinations for spirituality and have much variety to offer to a seeker.


It is important to note that whatever method or which ever path you choose to practice, all by design culminate in Vipassana and the final leap into the beyond happens from the platform of Vipassana. 


Must say the accompanying images of the article also is touristic in nature. Both are of stereotype Indian photos-one is of snake charmer's and the other is of the Holi festival. For simple India tourism, consider our India tours


Read the Herald Sun full story here


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