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Mumbai's Bhindi Bazaar - an eclectic and electrifying destination

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Bhindi Bazzar

An energetic street of Mumbai, filled with choking traffic and dilapidated buildings, Bhindi Bazaar is a street foodies delight. As you saunter down the street, your nose buds are tickled by the wafting aromatic smells of wide variety of savoury food.


Mutton biryani, kebabs, coconut biscuits, butter cookies, naans are immediately visible. Also noticeable are the variety of perfumers selling attars - for both men and women.

Attars are perfumes made from natural ingredients and not from synthetic chemical compositions. There are many persons who get a headache after using famous brand expensive French perfumes, but don't experience the same after even a liberal dose of attar.



Located in South Mumbai, below the J. J. fly over, Bhindi Bazaar got its name from the British, who referred to the area behind the Crawford market as "behind the bazaar". The locals corrupted it to Bhindi Bazaar.


Bhindi Bazaar is pre-dominantly a Muslim area primarily from the Bohra community. One of the greatest icons of Bollywood industry, Mohammed Rafi, a playback singer lived here. This area still continues to attract and fascinate the movie industry. The shop owners and the street vendor's however belong to different religious groups.


This area is home to the popular Hindustani classical music gharana called Bhindi Bazaar gharana. This school was founded in 1890. Many illustrious names from the musical and movie worlds have learnt from here. One example of the current icon is a Aamir Khan, a Bollywood hero. The unique feature of this school is to train singing in an open voice, with clear intonation. Stress and training is given on breath control to enable singing of long passages in a single breath.


The main road has many arteries, each artery very busy in its own way. Each artery or the bylane is lined with godowns, garages, eateries and shops with Burka attired women taking the children to their school on scooters.


Solution to almost every problem can be found here. Tailors, human resource consultants, latest fashion clothes, plumbers, masons, Islamic literature, Unani medical practitioners, tour and travel operators, chefs for your parties and so on.


The area hits a high during the holy month of Ramadan. Day by day, the festive spirit builds on to culminate on Id. The lighting and decorations increase progressively, adding to the sparkle of the evening. During this month, the street talk is that food vendor's are at their honest best, for this is the holy month of course. Hence, expect the best in food.

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