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Possibility of an international airport in Agra-is it worth it?

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The Times of India has the following story wherein it says that a new international airport shall be operational by the year 2017. Link to the story is below.


The government seems to have identified four spots for the location of the airport to be built on a private public partnership model.


The supporters are enthusiastic as it will ease the travel agony of the tourists who wish to fly to Taj Mahal.


This is easy to understand as for the moment, one has to drive from the Delhi airport to Agra, which can be excruciating to many.


However, there is in opposition to it as well. The opposition is on the following lines:


  • That it shall be an environmental disaster.
  • Airport shall not come cheap, nor shall the flight costs will be reduced.
  • Not many flights would operate.
  • The risk of an air plane crashing into Taj Mahal will increase.
  • All over the world, the hub and spoke model works well and keeps the ticket cost low.

The solution of the opponents is to build fast train route from Delhi airport to Agra and have trains run every three hours.


Also, the Delhi transporters union is strong and influential and it is not in their interest to see an international airport come up in Agra.


We prefer the fast train option. We have Delhi to Agra by road option as well.


Read the full story here

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