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Same day Agra tour from Delhi has hit Agra hotels occupancy.

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The new Yamuna Expressway that opened in middle August 2012, has become responsible for the drop in occupancy of Agra hotels

Reaching Agra, now is a matter of 2 1/2 hours. The journey is easy and comfortable. The stress of driving on Indian road is missing here.

Even the fastest train doesn't take this little time, if you take in consideration the total time involved, including the drive to the railway station and wait at the railway station.


Hence, many visitors do not see the necessity of staying overnight in an Agra hotel. Saves on the bother of packing and repacking just for a night.


Agra day trip from Delhi

Our same day Agra tour from Delhi has one offering that includes a sunrise view option. Watching Taj Mahal at sunrise is a desire for many, and for those who do not wish to stay overnight in Agra, this tour serves both purposes - you get to see Taj Mahal at sunrise and not stay in Agra.


Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a beautiful symmetrically designed monument. All four sides are identical. As the rising sun's rays kiss Taj Mahal, it turns to various shades of yellow, pink and orange from its gleaming pure white and then back to its original pristine state of whiteness. An experience that shall stay with you for ever! All of this in Delhi Agra day trip.


The only asymmetrical aspect in Taj Mahal is its core. (see the photo below)


"The number of tourists staying in the city of Taj has gone down by 40-45 percent and we have appraised the state tourism department on this account," Surendra Jaiswal, president, UPHRA told TOI. Suresh Bansal, who owns a hotel in Agra, added that the volume of queries and advance booking has gone down. "Earlier, if 100 tourists came to Agra, around 35 used to stay in the city and travel around. But now, only 18-20% are checking in," said Bansal.

....More at Expressway keeps Agra full, its hotels empty - Times Of India


The number of footfalls at Taj Mahal of increased nearly twofold making ASI put up additional kiosks and counters have bought tickets sell and frisking.

Every person should visit Taj Mahal at least once in life. The fact that such a monument exists on this planet is a tribute to human endeavour and in this case, a tribute of love of an emperor for his queen.


Core of the Taj Mahal

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