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Delhi to Agra by road - why it can be immense fun!

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The choice of mode of transport for travel to Agra from Delhi is often between a car or the train (maybe a combination of both), and sometimes the occasional flight.


We believe travel by road, with a hired car and driver is a smarter option. This road journey shall provide you with a window to look at the daily life in India from close quarters. Travel by train or by air (if and when the flights happen) will not give you this opportunity. 

On the road

With the road journey, the advantage is that you are free to stop en route whenever anything catches your eye. While the car and the driver patiently wait, you can closely look at what's interesting and even take its photograph. To your hearts content.


I'm sure there are those who we will want to opt for train travel based on the advice available in various India travel forums. It is quicker and saves you a lot of time is the counsel of these forums. But then it also keeps you away from witnessing the interesting goings-on in the small towns alongside the road! Also can it be ignored that, as you are on your vacation, it is not that necessary to rush around?


On your road trip to the Taj Mahal you will see various forms of transport in use that has been known to the mankind since near eternity.


You will be sharing the road with bicycles, pedestrians, auto rickshaws, motorcycles, cycle rickshaws, trucks, cars, buses, limousines, makeshift single platform crudely built carriage powered by water pump engine, camel carts, bullock carts, elephants, tractors, SUVs, horse carriages, donkeys, muless and perhaps some vintage cars.


camel on the road to agra

If you come from the Western world, then this diverse range of transportation will enthrall you. Nothing like this exists in the Western world anymore.


Once you reach Agra, this experience will become even more surreal as your car steers between the assorted forms of vehicles, through Agra's busy roads that often will look to be one lane short!


The slow traffic, the unbelievable nearness of the vehicles, the unstructured driving style may look hazardous, but it is not. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to be a part of such crazy street animation, like as if you are in a movie!


The times when your car shall move at slow pace will be the times to observe these minutiae of Agra's everyday routine life.


Don't be surprised if a black water buffalo ambles along to stand near your car, equally interested to see the red light to turn to green. :-)


Think of it. How many times in your country have you ever shared the road space with livestock and cattle? Perhaps zilch? In India, the road belongs to everyone, including the animals. 



Road to Agra 10

The countless two wheelers with their helmetless riders and co-riders will look reckless to you. But that's how it is! Be alert and keep your camera handy to photograph a family of five riding on a motorcycle.


While you are engrossed in watching all these strange and exciting sights, your car shall be your safety zone. We can easily say that the quality of your tourist experience with a car and driver is worth all the little extra money that it costs.


Agra Visit

Agra Visit

Travel Period: 20-09-12

Overall value: Great Value



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Overall Experience:

We thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days and the driver Sanjay was exceptional - carefully, patient and alwa

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