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Same day Taj Mahal tour may become challenging if the green activists get their way

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Taj Mahal is under the assault of polluting gases from nearby industries and emissions from vehicles.

This is rung alarm bells in the precincts of green activists and they are calling for a cap on the number of visitors that can visit Taj Mahal.

The newly opened Yamuna Expressway has increased the number of vehicles arriving in Agra and the footfalls, the Taj Mahal is witnessing.

Taj Mahal scrolling pollution tracker 

The call is to introduce CNG in Agra.

As the number of persons visiting Taj Mahal have increased, so has the humidity caused by such large numbers increase as well, thus affecting the delicate environmental balance of Taj Mahal.

Though environmentalists have been raising a hue and cry time and again, this time they have rung the alarm bell by flagging concerns over emissions from vehicles due to uninterrupted flow of traffic. Industrial pollution is "growingly threatening the environmental equilibrium" around the epitome of Mughal heritage, they say and suggest that a cap on the number of visitors should be introduced at the monument. Currently, 25,000 to 42,000 people visit the monument every day.

....More at Saving Taj Mahal: Green activists want 'clean air action plan', cap on number of visitors - The Economic Times

So make your plans quickly to do Delhi to Agra by car as quickly as possible before any restrictions come in force.

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