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Mumbai's Bhindi Bazaar - an eclectic and electrifying destination

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Bhindi Bazzar

An energetic street of Mumbai, filled with choking traffic and dilapidated buildings, Bhindi Bazaar is a street foodies delight. As you saunter down the street, your nose buds are tickled by the wafting aromatic smells of wide variety of savoury food.


Mutton biryani, kebabs, coconut biscuits, butter cookies, naans are immediately visible. Also noticeable are the variety of perfumers selling attars - for both men and women.

Attars are perfumes made from natural ingredients and not from synthetic chemical compositions. There are many persons who get a headache after using famous brand expensive French perfumes, but don't experience the same after even a liberal dose of attar.

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Will Facebook and airBnB replace Tripadvisor?

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A tectonic shift happened in the travel industry when Tripadvisor came to the fore. For the first time, travellers could share their both horror and happy stories of their hotel stays - mostly posting reviews anonymously as Tripadvisor merely requires a simple e-mail address for registering at its site and posting a review.


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Nagin Valley - Another heavenly spot in Kasmir, now free from terrorists

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Nagin Valley, Bota Pathri, Kashmir

By opening of Nagin Valley, near Gulmarg (about 10 Kms), Kashmir for tourism, the Govt. of Kashmir has sent  out a strong signal - that militancy and terrorism is on wane and a thing of past now.


The opening of this beautiful virgin, pristine valley is nearly after near 2 decades of it being closed to the tourists. This is expected to lure the adventure lovers to the state and also decongest Gulmarg.


Nagin valley, also called Bota Pathri, is to be positioned as an eco-tourism travel destination. For 2 decades it was under the grip of high militancy.


New destinations for tourism are required in Kashmir due to the highest number of tourists ever, last year.


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Rajasthan's Buddhist Love Affair - Before the Maharajas came

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Stupa at Binayaga CaveTo many it will come as a surprise that before the charging cavalry men, there where the Buddhist monks. Prior to the imposing forts, there were the meditation caves. Search for salvation was there before the quest for glory on battlefield came.


The Jahalwar district of Rajasthan has few old sites that indicate that some parts of Rajasthan served as a retreat for the Buddhist monks seeking peace within - all this many centuries before Rajasthan laid the foundation of being the tourist delight that it is now.

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Agra Restaurants

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Some suggested restaurants in Agra:



  1. Only Restaurant (Taj Road) 
  2. Park Restaurant (Sadar Bazar)
  3. Pizza Hutt (Fatehabad Road)
  4. Mc Donald (Fatehabad Road)

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Day trip Agra by Car

Travel Period: 3/4/11

Overall value: Great Value



Review by: Jason





Overall Experience:

Kasim is the best driver! Very skilled day & night and knows exactly where to go. Liked the breakfast

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