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Haridwar - Launch your spiritual journey from here

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Shiva in HaridwarFrom Ashrams (Godly centres) at Haridwar and Rishikesh, one learns, realises rather inherits the essential substance of eternal truth.


It is a perennial panacea to every self-sickening question, curious quiz and inquisitive aspiration regarding religion, spirituality and self-realisation.


Mystic God is all-in-dweller, all-seer and All-listener every moment in every breath. For Self-Realisation, the saints emphasise and convince the anxious devotees that our meditative breathing inhales, "O" and exhales "M".


"O" is Invocation and "M" is the ceaseless worship with surrender to the Almighty. The deep are the dive, the sweeter the restlessness to realise the "Realisable" and perceive the "Perceivable".


In short, the awakened Indian saints like the Rev. Swami Satyamitranand jee Giri, founder of Bharat Mata Mandir utter to the devotees in their divinising sermons to the curious devotees as follows:

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Day trip Agra by Car

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