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Weekend getaway from Bangalore

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Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary

Bheemeshwari wildlife sanctuary

A destination to recharge yourself and your family and bring joy to your kids.

About 120 km away from Bangalore, 2 1/2 hours of drive, this uplifting locale with the pulsating River Cauvery its lifeline.

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Escape To The Beaches Of Goa, India

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South Goa Beach

The Goan beaches of India have everything you can ask for.  During my travels I had planned on spending a couple of weeks in Goa but it was so good I stayed for well over a month.  Goa is a very large place so there are literally hundreds of beaches to choose from.  The best advice I can give to you is to understand what kind of holiday maker you are and select which part of Goa is best for you. The North and South are very different both with their advantages and drawbacks.

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Indian teenager in China - A Trip to Beijing - Part 3

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Heading back to the hostel, we found the first good taxi driver who actually took us by the meter. The guys decided to crash while I went to the café to chill with a group of Canadians and Dutch we met yesterday.


My friend went to her mothers hotel during that time and so I went out with the Canadians to have a night stroll in beijing, as they were leaving the next day. It was a awesome experience and I saw Beijing at night. On returning, I just slept.


The next morning, we decided to visit the Forbidden City but only I did as others couldn't get ready in time for leaving. It was really huge and so I couldn't see everything as we were on a short time scale ( had to leave for summer palace after this ).


The architecture beautifully radiated the ancient chinese culture and tradition. I think I'm in love with it already. Upon exiting the forbidden city, I was searching for a taxi to head back to the hostel and then go to the summer palace. I stumbled upon a three wheeler rickshaw who only demanded 3 yuan till the hostel ( quite cheap ! ) so I took it.


As we started to move, he appeared quite friendly and then he got switched with another person. This person started to go through the little streets and bypasses and I got worried as to what's happening. Upon arriving at a road opening, he demanded 300 yuan and then I realised that it was a scam ! I somehow managed to pay him 50 yuan and get away, phew !


I did take a taxi to hostel then and we decided to go to the summer palace. During the journey, we estimated our finances for the journey and it came out much more then calculated ( Beijing did us in ) and so we were now thinking really conservative about the trip.


Upon reaching the summer palace, we found it closed and so we just had a meal at a pizza hut and headed back home via the subway. Having a quick dinner at KFC, I went up to the cafe and met a Indian guy from Mumbai and another from Pakistan.


Both were really informative about China and helped me with minute but important details, such as the train timings, etc. I also met a guy from Germany and we kept talking about football and other stuff until I was tired and then I decided to retire for the night.


In the morning, we decided to visit the summer palace but as a friend was ill, we didn't go and went directly to the railway station and took the bullet back to Shanghai. Shanghai here I come back !

Travel to India, eat sumptuous food, learn Indian cooking

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South Indian food

India’s enormous size and huge population, as well as its many regions make it hard for outsiders to perceive its sheer scale. The country’s broad and varied landscape stretches from the border of China, right down to Sri Lanka, while its west side borders the Arabian sea.

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Some Famous Holiday Destinations in India

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Golden Temple in Amritsar

Known the world over for its beautiful temples, bustling cities and vibrant people, India is a jewel of the East. These monasteries and temples stand as proud testament to India’s rich cultural heritage, and have been well preserved over the centuries.

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Nice friendly and good staff

Travel Period: 31/10/11


Review by: Erick





Overall Experience:

Very good a bit expensive compare to a like service.

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