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Top Five Buildings in Mumbai

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Taj Mahal Mumbai

Mumbai is undeniably a land of contrasts. The rich and famous live just minutes from overcrowded slums, while sparkling sky-scrapers tower over charming art deco temples. One unmistakeable product of this diversity is a broad range of amazing architecture. Here are five architectural wonders you simply shouldn’t miss on your next Mumbai holiday.

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Delhi to Agra by road - why it can be immense fun!

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Camel on the road

The choice of mode of transport for travel to Agra from Delhi is often between a car or the train (maybe a combination of both), and sometimes the occasional flight.


We believe travel by road, with a hired car and driver is a smarter option. This road journey shall provide you with a window to look at the daily life in India from close quarters. Travel by train or by air (if and when the flights happen) will not give you this opportunity. 

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Taj Mahal Information - Items that you can take and not take inside the Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal security

The Taj Mahal is a wonderful monument and is on the list of the seven wonders of the world. For last few centuries it has attracted travellers from all over the world, for them to bask in its austere white glory.


As this is an unique monument in the world and a world heritage site, it is an added responsibility of the Government of India to take care of it and ensure its security.


To prevent damage to the Taj Mahal, there are some strict rules applicable and it is wise to know them before you visit the Taj Mahal.


I'm sure we all will agree that this exquisite monument be protected from vandalism and terrorism. In this article we give the list of banned items.

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Best golf destinations in India

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Aamby golf course

Golf courses in India can be found everywhere. From a scenic setting in Kashmir to a heritage setting in Rajasthan, India has many eclectic options to choose from.

As of today, there are nearly 200 golf courses in India. Enough to keep any golf enthusiast happy and purring with pleasure for many months, if not years.

Let's discuss a few of these exotic golf destinations.

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3 Ideal Vacation Spots in India to Visit in Summer Where You Can Beat the Heat and Have a Blast!

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If you want a break from the scorching summer heat, then here are a few great recommendations that can help in beating the heat. Most of the hill stations in India have good accommodations at unbeatable prices, so much so that even the budget travellers will not feel the pinch on their pockets! Coorg, Goa, and Ooty are three of the greatest holiday retreats in India, where one can breathe a sigh of relief from sweltering summer heat. These summer retreats offer heavenly ambiance for romantic couples, and fantastic opportunity for corporate team building activities alike.  

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