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Your Tourist $ - How it helps!

Your tourist dollar does a lot good when spent on the local population. The impact of this is more than the money spent in upmarket establishments. Read below to know a little more:


Story 1:


Goa and Leh are two popular destinations. Youth from North East travel to Goa for jobs in the local establishment. The only problem is that most Goan shacks operate only during the tourist season. They work on meagre salary but make three times of it in tips. But then they are jobless from April to October.


Solution: Follow the tourists. Hence Leh. Surprise, surprise! The hi-season for Leh is April to October. Wonderful fit. Tips are less in Leh but still sufficient. Cost of living is cheaper in Leh though. The local establishments in both cities are now comfortable with this floating population. This?path of annual migration - since the tourism industry in Goa hibernates through the summer, as does Ladakh in the winter waiters, chefs, masseurs and handicraft sellers alike, participate in a giant exodus from the west to the north of the Indian sub-continent every year.


Pluse the privilege of working in two of India's best tourist locations. The weather is perfect in Goa during winter and the blue skies of Leh so beautiful in the summer in many ways, I have the best of both the worlds, says a nomadic traveller. In a way, these nomads are better placed to understand and service the needs of the tourists (nomads).


The tips you give, the custom you bring to the local business, fuels this urge for the youth all over to find jobs that give them decent earning and self respect else they could have fallen in the trap of grievances selling people.


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