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Serenity of Taj Mahal

Are you short on time? Are you in Delhi for business? Still, you can immerse yourself and experience the diversity of India, North India.


Just do a golden triangle tour India. This tour is a triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with an option to extend it to Bharatpur and Pushkar.


Delhi is the current capital, has historically been the imperial capital with few exceptions. Agra is one of those exceptions apart from Kolkatta (British). Jaipur was the capital of a powerful Rajput kingdom.


Delhi has always imperiously summoned the rulers to establish their capital here. Know more about Delhi Agra Jaipur


A circuit of about 800 to 1200 Kms, this circuit will expose you to the modern Delhi, the old Delhi, medieval monuments, rural landscape, artisans, forts, museums, cultural programmes, elephant rides, delicious food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.


Delhi has three world heritage monuments, fourth one under discussion. The three are Humayun’s tomb, Qutub Minar, Red Fort. The fourth one is the Purana Qila or the old fort.


But Delhi is more than this. It’s markets, it’s temples, sufi shrines. In older days, Delhi was known as the 22 Sufi saints city. Both intensely spiritual and religious, the commitment of people is very visible to it.


Some of the shrines to visit are: Nizamuddin, Kaki (behind Qutub Minar), Chirag, Matke wale.


Delhi has the Bhairon temple where liquor is offered to the deity.


Agra has Red Fort, Taj Mahal, Sikandara, Itmadullah’s tomb as it’s most famous monuments.



In Agra, lovely marble inlay work is easily viewed and if enticing, you can buy a souveniour for yourself.

Jaipur has many forts like Amber Fort (a delight to visit), Jai garh fort being the most notables. It’s markets are a shopping haven. Jaipur’s forte is textiles, leather sandals and ofcourse jewelery.


Ideally we recommend you to take a car and driver. Not very expensive, it allows you a flexibility of being picked up from the airport or railway station or from anywhere in Delhi and dropped again anywhere.


This has another advantage. On your way to Jaipur from Agra, you get the opportunity to visit Fatehpur Sikri, a magnificent edifice. Fatehpur Sikri has the shrine of the sufi saint Salim Chisti, at whose feet the mighty Akbar (buried in Sikandara) prostrated himself, asking for the blessing of a son, which he obtained.


This fort was therefore constructed by Akbar in the honour of Salim Chisti. Sikri lost out due to lack of water.


This works out cheaper especially if you are more than one person, if you add all the related costs of booking tickets, local transport, delayed arrivals / departures.


We recommend you start your tour from Delhi.


In terms of accommodation, there is a wide variety. From budget hostels to luxury palaces.




Agra tour


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